Friday, November 21, 2008

Amanda Has Arrived!

As you can see, my name is Amanda and I am a willing student of the great Jigsaw. We have set many a trap together and revelled in the blood letting!!!I have a taste for the macabre and the darkness!!!I also have a keen interest in movies, books and many more interesting subjects. I have been compliling a list of my top ten favourite horror movies for a start. Now, there are many which I have watched and liked, but I consider these ten to be my all-time faves! I will be around from time to time, reviewing movies alongside my great mentor, Jigsaw. But, I do have my own unique views on everything...Together we will give the world the benefit of our wisdom!!There are so many interesting topics which we shall discuss together.......Well, thats all from me for the moment. I hear Jigsaw calling me.. I smell blood.mmmm.......


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