Friday, November 28, 2008

Hellraiser (1987) - Amanda

What can I say about Hellraiser???Let me think-blood, gore, ripped human flesh...All the ingredients for an entertaining movie!!! Clive Barker's creation is dark, seductive and intriguing. It begins with this puzzle box which holds the key to something evil. A man,Frank Cotton obtains it, solves it and then gets dragged into the pit of Hell where the Cenobites dwell. Seems interesting....

We cut to a house where a man Larry Cotton, and his wife and daughter are moving in. It is a strange house and there is a bad atmosphere upstairs. Julia, the wife has a look around and she is unsettled by the dreadful eeriness of the upstairs room.We find out that she had an affair with Frank Cotton, the brother of her husband, years ago. Cue creepy Frank appearing in the room, crying out for help. Julia is appalled at first but she sees that he needs help. He needs blood to rebuild himself. Of course, she decides to help him! She brings back men to the house with the promise of sex and lures them into the room where Frank is waiting for his dinner. Many men later, he begins to resemble a human being when the daughter spots him in the room and freaks out(as you would!). Frank tries to kill her, fails and then he kills poor Julia and his brother.

She gets the puzzle box and from it come the Cenobites who we discover dwell in Hell and live for giving souls the most agonising pain and pleasure that they could imagine (mostly pain, though!). She promises them that she will give them Frank, which she does. Then, they come for her, but she outsmarts them and they get locked back into the box again....Good movie, liked Pinhead. He is a good baddie. One of my all time faves and another classic horror. see you soon for more delightful tales of horror.....


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