Saturday, November 8, 2008


Here is my younger cat named Felix! He looks particularly menacing here in the second picture but he is really just in mid yawn.He likes nothing better than a nice,dark corner to go to sleep in.He is especially vocal when he wants a rub and his purr is very loud indeed!

He doesnt like being picked up at all and will struggle to get down immediately.Felix is not a good traveller and is prone to car sickness but after a drink and some food hes himself again! For a cat he is very easy going and has never,ever clawed in anger.I have never known a cat liked that as they can sometimes be a bit cranky but he always seems in good form.
I found him roaming around when he was roughly 6 months old and he was starving.So Jigsaw ordered some cat food and TLC and after nearly a days sleep it was like he owned Jigsaw's Lair!!
He always jumps up on me when I come home and purrs loudly.I think he was a dog in a former life!

He is roughly two and a half years old and loves to play with my other cat Kitty.He is very inquisitive and is always looking for anything to play with! Felix is known to pick up things like pens and straws and run away with them.He has a very sleek and thin body as you may see from the picture and he has a very pinched style mouth area.He is mostly black with four white paws and a white underside.Sometimes its very hard to see if he has is eyes open as it looks like he has a mask over his eye area.He's so carefree that you can examine his paws or claws without fear of a scratch.If he could talk I think he might say "Take it easy,Dude.Why the rush?"


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