Saturday, November 8, 2008


Here is my other cat Kitty!
She likes nothing better than to be left alone to look out the window as you can see.She likes her cat food and will always insist on eating first before Felix! I think she views him as her son or her younger brother.She is older than him and I had her first when he arrived.She was born in Tipperary but now she lives here in Cork.She is three and a half years old and is of a different temperament to Felix.She is more grouchy and doesnt like to be bothered if she is in a nice position on the couch! A nip on the finger is what you may get if you try to shift her as she will only leave when she is good and ready.

Different to Felix she likes to be picked up and carried around although the odd time she may resist attempts to pick her up by flattening her body to the floor! She knows this makes her hard to grasp! She doesnt miaow for a rub but will miaow for food and when she is travelling in the car.She really makes her protests heard until set free from her catbox.She does not get car sick but definitely its not her favourite place.

This pic is when I caught her ordering Catfood online and she looked up at me with those eyes to disarm me!

She likes to be rubbed all over and is known to use her head to butt you to get your attention.She loves being in front of a fire or a nice warm,cosy place.Be warned though! If you rub her underside in the wrong way she can give you a nip.Not a big bite but just a warning that you stepped out of line!

She has more white on her body than Felix and always sleeps with one eye open.Any movement wihin her area will get an eye following it and any sound of a cat biscuit box being shook will get her running to it! She loves looking out windows when the sun is shining and watching for birds flying where she begins her teeth chattering! This sounds very strange and is explained here. Shes a lovely cat and she likes to be treated like a queen!


Anonymous said...

Your Cats are beautiful and the personality of the female is so much like one of my own cats. I don't know how anyone can get along without a cat or two.

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