Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lakeview Terrace+ Quantum of Solace Movie Reviews 3

Lakeview Terrace is a film starring Samuel L. Jackson and Patrick Wilson and Jackson plays an LAPD officer called Abel Turner who is very territorial about his neighbourhood and when an interracial couple moves in next door he is not very happy about it! He is a single father of 2 children and views them having fun in the new neighbour's pool as a bad influence so he will do anything to drive them out.The new neighbours played by Patrick Wilson(Chris) and Kerry Washington (Lisa) just want to live a quiet life!
Turner has really bright floodlights around his house and goes on nightly patrol of the neighbourhood with his gun so Chris and Lisa soon realise having a cop next door is not such a great thing! Chris tries everything to just get along with Turner but Turner gets more menacing as the film goes on.

This film reminded me of Unlawful Entry that starred Ray Liotta as the crazy cop and here in Lakeview Terrace Samuel L. Jackson is the crazy cop.It goes the way you might expect but Jackson is very good as the cop who takes his job very seriously! Patrick Wilson's character is good as the macho guy trying to sort out his crazy neighbour and it ends up a battle between both guys.Patrick Wilson will be in Watchmen though so that should be good! It doesn't seem like there is much to the movie but Jackson holds this together well as when he knows the cops theres not much Wilson can do! I would recommend this film as it is worth watching!

Lakeview Terrace (8/10)

Quantum of Solace is the new James Bond outing and I had not heard much about this before seeing it.I went into this liking the previous film in the franchise, Casino Royale and hoped for the best.What a big let down this is.It all starts well enough with a big action car chase.Then goes to next action sequence then the next and so on.I found there is hardly any story at all in this and no gadgets and no Bond Humour.Bond lilterally kills anyone he bumps into and leaves a trail of bodies everywhere.Thats usually fine but he doesn't seem to break a sweat doing it.The bad guy played by Mathieu Amalric looks like a wimp and has a plan to corner the water market of Bolivia! Wow that really is aiming high.Can't he be trying to blow up something or stealing technology? Something that seems a bit more valuable? All I could think of was this felt like an Austin Powers bad guy goal not a real James Bond villian idea!! The whole movie didn't even feel like a Bond movie and after seeing it I can see the same feeling echoed elsewhere online.

Daniel Craig doesn't change his expression from "grim killer" throughout the film and can be seen to the right in familar pose.Picture this for an hour and a half and you get the idea! He just strolls around avoiding cameras and leaving fingerprints at every crime scene and walking into secure areas.One time he just walks around and finds a jeep with its door open and drives off.Maybe I missed something there as in maybe he left it there earlier or shot the driver but no one bats an eyelid as he dries off in the jeep.It all seemed too easy although the action sequences are very good in this film but there is nothing tieing it together.It reminded me of Bad Boys 2 where there was explosion after explosion but little plot.I would not recommend seeing this movie at all.Wait until its on TV so you can kill an hour and a half.

Quantum of Solace (2/10)


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