Sunday, November 9, 2008

Movie Roundup 1

Beginning here I shall be giving my review of Latest Movies/Films seen.How long I write about them just depends on my mood at the time of writing! Some will be new releases and some will be ones that I have only got around to finally watching.I start off with a clean slate trying to view them on their merits as having a predefined slant or bias can throw an honest review into the pit of blatant trashing-'cos-everyone- else-hates-it routine.Ratings will be out of 10 and in brackets.

We begin with Taken by Luc Besson starring Liam Neeson.This is a fantastic film from start to finish.He's a spy whos daughter goes to Paris and she gets kidnapped.Naturally hes not to happy and goes to Paris to wreck the place to get her back.Its all out action with car chases,fighting and shooting.Either you like action or you dont and if you do, you will love this.I hope this gets a sequel or made into a trilogy like the Bourne films as Liam Neeson was billiant in the role of Bryan. (10/10)

Next up is Saw V starring Tobin Bell and Costas Mandylor.Jigsaw is back! Admittedly in a flashback but his work lives on through a new apprentice.This is a good film but not as good as the other Saw films.That is not to say its bad though.I just felt it was like a part 1 thats sets up the next film.The ending was the first one that I could see coming in the films so maybe I am getting smarter or maybe it was a bit predictable.Its an end that is still good though even if you thought it might happen.The traps were good but the emphasis here is a bit of back story to set up the next film.Thats what it seemed to me anyway. (8/10)

Then we have Righteous Kill starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.Its your average cop movie with a twist thrown in.Just like Saw V the twist is one that you can see coming but its an okay film.The main problem is that the aforementioned stars are too old and hard to believe as cops that can run around trying to stop a serial killer.Its a film that if you have seen everything else it might be good to check out but I wouldn't go rushing to see it. (5/10)

Burn after Reading is next! Directed by the Coen Bros.This film had the makings of a good film with a good cast but it just didnt work out for me.Brad Pitt was quite good and so was George Clooney but the whole thing left me with a kind of "Is-that-it-feeling?" It kept threatening to get going but never took off.The film seemed to just wrap up a bit too nicely in the end and fell into the well below average film category.One of those films that if you fell asleep for a while you miss nothing but everyone says its great.I wouldn't advise going to see this. (2/10)

Now we come to House.This stars Michael "What-the hell-happened-to-his-career" Madsen and Reynaldo Rosales.This is about a couple who get lost and come upon a house where things take a turn for the worst and this movie is one of the worst I have ever seen.The female lead looked like the male leads mother or maybe its just she looked so unattractive.Its got every cliche going from the person looking in the mirror and someone behind them to the clearly obvious bad guy that you know it when you see them.It had the weird mamas boy who wants to get with the nice looking girl as soon as he sees her.House turned into a comedy for its sheer predictability and I have never read the book but Im guessing straight away that the book must be far superior. The only thing that was good was Reynaldo Rosales who seemed quite good as the male lead.He didnt have much to work with but he tried his best.Hopefully he can go on to better movies. (1/10)

The Midnight Meat Train stars Vinnie Jones and is from a short story by Clive Barker.Its about a New York photographer hunting down a serial killer.This didnt seem like much to begin with but I thought it was good in the end.Vinnie Jones doesn't say a word but maybe thats for the best! He is perfectly suited to this part and the whole film worked well.If you like horror check this out.It does not have blood and guts in every scene but is still worth it if you like horror. (8/10)


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