Saturday, November 29, 2008

Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)- Amanda's Faves!

I'm back with another movie classic. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one I have always liked because it is simple and plain- kids in a hippie van wander into someone's house and meet a grisly end. That's it. But the family they meet are anything but simple. There is the weird guy they pick up at the start of the movie. He starts to cut himself and starts laughing away. That is the first clue that things are going to go wrong for these fun-loving kids. They eject him from their van and that annoys the weirdo.

They think that that is all the nastiness that they will meet, but they are so wrong! They stumble upon the weirdo's family house in the middle of nowhere and decide to explore(very bad idea!) Out comes the weirdest looking monster called Leatherface(Gunnar Hansen). He drags one of the poor kids into his little room where there is plenty of blood and the stench of death. Here, the horror is revealed for the first time. He doesn't speak- he just treats the kids like pieces of meat which is disturbing.

One by one the kids are dispatched until there is just one, Sally (Marilyn Burns)left.
She is caught by the disturbed family and invited to dinner. We find out that there is some weirdness going on in this family unit!! The scene were Sally is sitting at the table with the freaks is disturbing and genuinely creepy. The fact that they have no qualms about eating people is also a little strange! The last scene is iconic where Sally finally escapes from Leatherface and he just holds his beloved chainsaw in the air and dances around. It is a great movie and it is very unsettling which is what any good horror movie should be and of course, it was directed by a favourite of mine, the great Tobe Hooper. Enough said....


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