Sunday, December 14, 2008

An American Carol Movie Review 7

An American Carol is a movie by David Zucker starring Kevin Farley (brother of Chris Farley) and a host of well known republicans making fun of Michael Moore and the liberal bias (or perceived bias depending on your view!!) in the american media and Hollywood.Farley plays Michael Malone who is a documentary maker who wants to abolish july the 4th but is visited by three ghosts.They try to show him that america is a great country and they are J.F.K.,Patton and George Washington.Obviously the movie is a satire based on A Christmas Carol by George Dickens and is meant to be a response to all the hollywood movies such as Redacted and Lions for Lambs which some people think show the USA in a bad light.

How much you enjoy this movie will depend on how you look at things like American Foreign Policy and Michael Moore.If you love Michael Moore this movie is not for you but if you think he is an idiot with a camera then you will love it!!! If you do not know who he is, the movie will just pass you by as there are a lot of references to him and what he thinks of the USA involved in the Iraq War.

Farley looks very like Michael Moore in this and is funny in the role.Helping him along are Kelsey Grammer,Robert Davi,Jon Voight,Dennis Hopper,Trace Adkins and even Bill O Reilly shows up in a very funny cameo! He has an interview with a Rosie O Donnell lookalike that is very funny!!! She makes stupid statements about 9/11 that were answered here.The movie starts off very funny and keeps going with the laughs until the end.Thankfully its not too long and will have a good few laughs to keep you entertained.This is assuming that you find jokes about Moore only making documentaries and not "real" movies and getting Oscars, funny.If you go in with an open mind I think you will think its funny enough but it is not a classic like Airplane! I would say this movie is just okay and I think you will know already if you will like it or not!!!!

An American Carol (5/10)


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