Saturday, December 20, 2008

Children of the Corn(1984)- Amanda

What can I say about Children of the Corn(1984)? This movie is a delightful tale of some little kids who decide to murder their parents and take over a town called Gatlin.It is based on a short story by Stephen King.The kids are ruled by a little weird looking teen preacher called Isaac(John Franklin).The kids believe all of his rubbish about the so called 'He Who Walks Behind the Rows'(of corn that is). They think that he is the best thing ever and he uses his leadership to make sure no one questions him. He is aided by a red-haired Malachai(Courtney Gains) who has a huge knife to keep them all in line.

Enter Vicky(Linda Hamilton) and Burt(Peter Horton), a couple who are on their way to a new life together when they break down in the little town of Gatlin(you knew it would happen!). They find the town deserted and they look around for a telephone but no no avail. They find strange drawings and they meet two little kids who are not brainwashed by Isaac. They learn that all of the adults were murdered by Isaac and his weirdo cult and that Isaac rules the place.

Vicky and Burt need to get out of the town but they find that they are being hunted down by the weirdos. They are caught and are going to be sacrificed when Isaac is taken instead by He Who walks Behind the Rows. It is an okay ending but in the short story Vicky and Burt are killed and maybe they should have stuck to that. But, on the whole, this is an entertaining movie with a real message- little kids shouldn't play with knives! Just a note- avoid the sequels, even Stephen King, who wrote the short story tried to distance himself from them...


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