Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christine(1983)- Amanda

Hello, Amanda here. I am back with a good film based on a novel by Stephen King. Christine(1983) is directed by John Carpenter, who also directed Halloween(1978) and The Fog(1980). It is the story of a high school loser called Arnie Cunningham. He is bullied at school and he is ruled by his parents at home. He has one friend, Dennis, who tries to stand up for him and a girlfriend, Leigh.
His life is pretty crappy until one day, he spots an old Plymouth Fury at the side of the road. She is owned by some old guy and he agrees to sell her to Arnie. Her name is Christine and Arnie becomes obsessed with fixing her up.

After a while, Dennis and Leigh begin to notice a change in Arnie's personality. He has gone from geek to crazy guy. He seems to want nothing else only Christine. He has lost his good nature and he has become mean and crazy. His friend wants to help him when he notices that Arnie is living for the car and nothing else. He finds out that the previous owner had the same problem and it becomes apparent that the car is 'alive'. Leigh and Dennis have to destroy the car and save Arnie from a horrible fate. Arnie and Christine have different ideas and they will kill anyone who tries to come between them...

This is an entertaining movie and I really liked it. I have read the book and John Carpenter has done a good job. Sometimes, Stephen King adaptations can be horrible-Riding the Bullet(2004) comes to mind as a terrible adaptation of a Stephen King story. Anyway, this is a must for us horror fans. If you haven't seen this already, buy it or rent it. You won't be sorry.


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