Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Horror-Ho, Ho, Ho!!!!!Amanda

It's that time of year again. Time to enjoy being with loved ones and eating turkey and watching family films- like Silent Night, Deadly Night(1984) and Black Christmas(1974)! There is nothing myself and Jigsaw like better that sitting down with a box of sweets and watching those movies which give you a warm feeling inside. Let's take Silent Night, Deadly Night. This little film is an interesting one about a little boy called Billy who witnesses his parents death on the roadside by a maniacal Santa Claus. Understandably, he is messed up afterwards and sent to an orphanage ran by nuns. Of course, he is disciplined etc by them and forced to sit on Santa's knee which terrifies him.

Eventually, he is of age and gets a job in a toy store. Not a great idea when you are scared witless of Santa! You would think that he would have stayed away from anything to do with Christmas! But of course, he is forced to dress up as Santa and that really messes with his fragile head. You know that it is only a matter of time before he is going to snap and when he does, he does it completely. He goes from mild-mannered young man to a killing machine with anything that he can get his hands on like Christmas lights and a hatchet! This film ends with Santa being killed by the cops, but then there is Billy's younger brother who is still with the nuns and who looks set to follow in his nutty brother's footsteps!!!Classic horror with comedy mixed in(whether it was meant or not!).

That brings me to Black Christmas(1974). This movie is a charming tale of a young man who hides in the attic of a sorority house and murders all the girls. It's a entertaining movie with a message- always check the attic when you are on your own; you never know who is hiding up there! Be careful to check for psychos who will drop in and murder some girls before heading back up to the attic for a rest....Hope these movies will provide you with a little cheer and Christmas joy!!!


Johnny said...

Two awesome movies. Glad to see someone else getting into the Christmas horror spirit! Just subscribed to your blog and I wouldn't mind if ya did the same for me!

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