Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Demons(1985)- Amanda

Well, I am here again with a little movie called Demons(1985). As a rule, I am not mad about zombie movies, but I saw this one a few years ago and I liked it a lot. It is directed by Lamberto Bava and was written by him along with another horror genius, Dario Argento. The acting isn't up to much and there wasn't a whole lot of money spent on this film, but that actually makes it better, I think.

The story begins when two young girls enter a movie theatre after being given free tickets to see a horror film by a weirdo. A woman decides to try on a mask that was used in the movie and she is cut by the mask and while they are watching the movie, she starts to turn into a nasty, blood- seeking demon! What happens for the rest of the movie is mayhem as she attacks others and soon, there are plenty of the rotten demons looking for lunch! It is great fun as the unbitten try to get out and kill the demons at the same time.It becomes a battle between the survivors and the slimy undead.

This movie is a great eighties horror, with a good soundtrack too. There are plenty of scary moments and lots of laughs. There is everything to enjoy about it- bad acting, scary demons and plenty of comedy. I just might take it out later and watch it again...It's a shame there aren't many horror movies on t.v. at Christmas for those of us who like something different to the usual light-hearted warm and fuzzy movies. There are some of us who prefer something evil and nasty, just to warm our hearts and give us pleasant nightmares......


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