Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Exorcist(1973)- Amanda

I am back today with another classic- William Peter Blatty's, The Exorcist(1973)directed by William Friedkin. This movie was one I saw when I was a lot younger and it frightened the life out of me. I remember being horrified at the image of the little girl being possessed and acting like a demon. Now, I still find it scary. It has stood the test of time. It is atmospheric, creepy and I love the music.

It all begins with a little girl,Regan(Linda Blair) and her mother, Chris(Ellen Burstyn). They are living together and there is a nice closeness between them. Regan is a carefree, lovable child and when she changes, it is scary to see what has happened to her. I like the fact that there is a good story to this movie. There are characters who are shocked by their confrontation with pure evil. It is good to see that even the priests are unnerved by the demon and that they are not immune to its power and strength.

The older priest is played well by Max von Sydow and the younger priest (Jason Miller) is struggling with his faith, but good wins out which I like. The scenes of possession and the final scenes where the actual exorcism is performed are strong and frightening, but it does remain in your mind afterwards which is the sign of a good movie. While this movie isn't my all-time favourite, it is definitely one I will watch over and over again.


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