Friday, December 19, 2008

The Fog(1980)-Amanda

Something is in the fog! The Fog(1980) is a great one to enjoy over Christmas. It is directed by a favourite of mine, John Carpenter. It begins with the town of Antonio Bay celebrating their centenary. There is going to be plenty of partying etc. Then a strange fog descends on the little town. The fog is eerie and strange and the townsfolk begin to realise that there is something very sinister and evil inside that fog.

There are many good characters in this movie. Adrienne Barbeau stars as the local d.j. Stevie Wayne and she is one of the first to notice that the fog is coming thick and fast and that it is not what it seems to be. Jamie Lee Curtis stars as Elizabeth, who hitches a ride into Antonio Bay with local guy,Nick(Tom Atkins). Jamie Lee's real life mother Janet Leigh(from Psycho) stars also. The priest Fr. Malone(Hal Holbrook) finds a hidden journal of his grandfather in the church and he discovers that there was a conspiracy in the town years ago which lead to the death of some lepers in a shipwreck. Now, they have come back in the fog to get revenge and yes, they are pissed off!

There is a creepy and surreal atmosphere to this movie. The special effects are good for the time. The zombies/lepers are always hidden from view until the very end and this benefits the eerie feeling. There are plenty of killings as the zombies get revenge for what happened to them all those years ago. This movie is great fun and there is a genuine scary feeling to it. It is one to enjoy with the lights off..All alone...Watch out for THE FOG!!!!


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