Monday, December 22, 2008

The Lost Boys(1987)- Amanda

Hello there, can you remember where you first heard these words-Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire. Yes, it is from one of the best cult movies of the '80s- The Lost Boys(1987),directed by Joel Schumacher. I love this movie and I think that most people would agree with me. It is just pure fun with some horror mixed in. It stars some of the hottest young talent of the 1980's, namely Jason Patric , Corey Haim , Corey Feldman , Jami Gertz and of course, Keifer Sutherland.How could you go wrong with a cast like that?

The story begins with Mike(Jason Patric) and Sam(Corey Haim) moving with their mom(Dianne Weist) to the town of Santa Carla. They don't want to move there and they don't like it when they are brought to their new home owned by their grandpa(Barnard Hughes). There are plenty of kids hanging around the boardwalk and Mike and Sam are looking around when Mike sees Star(Jami Gertz) and is captivated by her. He follows her and he meets a group of guys led by David (Keifer Sutherland). They challenge him to a motorcycle race and they end up fighting. David invites Mike to their secret hideout and he goes. Mike is offered wine which he drinks. Little does he know that it is David's blood and that his new pals are vampires. He has unwittingly joined their gang.

Meanwhile, Sam meets the Frog brothers, Edgar(Corey Feldman) and Alan(Jamison Newlander). They tell him that there are vampires in Santa Carla and that he might be in danger. He thinks that they are nuts and laughs it off, but he reads the comic and he becomes scared. He starts to realise that Mike has become a vampire and the Frog brothers tell him to kill Mike, but he can't. Mike tells him that he needs help to get Star and a little vampire boy Laddie(Chance Michael Corbitt) out of their lair. Their mom has met a guy called Max(Edward Herrmann) who seems nice and who offers her a job in his video store. They begin dating and Mike and Sam soon find out that he is the head vampire and that he needs to die before everyone else will become human again.

So, the last part of the movie is taken up with trying to get Star and Laddie out of the lair and
back to safety, but David and his gang are not going to give up so easily. Sam and the Frog brothers try and kill them off with hilarious results. Eventually, it ends up that Max is the only one left and he wants their mom to become his wife. She doesn't want to and grandpa saves the day in the end, killing Max and returning Mike, Star and Laddie back to humans. This movie is great entertainment and it is well worth watching again and again. Plus, there is a great soundtrack!


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