Friday, December 12, 2008

Pineapple Express Movie Review 6

Pineapple Express is a movie starring Seth Rogen (of Zack and Miri make a Porno and Superbad fame) and James Franco (who was in Spiderman) Rogen plays a guy who likes to get stoned on drugs (as apposed to getting really stoned!) and Franco is his drugs dealer that supplies him with the titled Pineapple Express.Needless to say it's one for the whole family,Granddad and the kids! Rogen just wants to collect his drugs and be on his way to work where he serves subpoenas to people who dont want to go to court.While he is at Franco's place, Franco sells him some new Pineapple Express that no one else in the city has as its meant to be great stuff!! Thumbs up from Rogen!!!

So off Rogen goes to smoke his weed in his car but while he is doing so, a policewoman played by Rosie Perez pulls up in her car and enters a nearby house.Rogen can see from his car a man played by Gary Cole and the cop shooting an asian man in the back of his head and he immediately panics! He throws out his weed out of the car and smashes into the cop car while escaping.He thinks he is in the clear at first but realises that Gary Cole's character recognises the weed as Pineapple Express.As Rogen and Franco are the only ones to know about it he goes looking for them.

So that is the story of the film and theres not much to it.We watch the two stoners trying to figure out what to do and there are a few laughs in the first while so it seems to be going nicely.Then there is an alarming dip in the joke rate where nothing much happens and it all seems to be heading for a dead end ending in a car crash as you can see on the right!! Rogen and Franco provide all the effort but there isn't much there.

Then towards the end it picks up again and gets slightly funny.Mainly due to Danny R. Mcbride's character after they meet up with him.He is pictured on the left.There are some funny moments as they all end up in Gary Cole's hideout and there is a big climax.The movie at 1 hour 50 mins is too long and I would say at least 20 mins could have been cut out as it got slow in the middle.Its mildly amusing otherwise but there are never really any laugh out loud moments even though Franco and Rogen are funny enough but the story does not have much in it.I would not recommend that you see this as there are a lot of funnier movies such as Zack and Miri make a Porno to see.Wait until its on tv or your friend rent's it so you can see it for free!!!!!!!!!!

Pineapple Express (4/10)


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