Monday, December 8, 2008

Psycho(1960)- Amanda

Hello there, its Amanda back again with another classic movie- Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece- Psycho(1960). This movie is probably my favourite of all time. Why, you might ask? It's old and in black and white etc..But, it is one that any film buff should watch. It begins with Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) and Sam Loomis(John Gavin) in bed together. We find out that she works in an office and that she is a trusted employee, so when her boss gives her money to put in the bank, he thinks nothing of it. She, on the other hand, has a plan in her mind- take the money and run. That is exactly what she does. All normal so far.

Then, whilst on the run, she sees a neon sign in the distance - its Bates Motel....Enter Norman Bates, played brilliantly by Anthony Perkins. He seems like a quiet, well-mannered young man. He shows her to her room and asks her to have a meal with him. He runs up to the house to get the grub and then we hear Mother giving out to him.Marion asks him about it and he tells her that his mother is ill. Mentally ill. Marion suggests that he put her 'someplace' and he gets angry. Little does she know how sick 'mother' really is. Norman heads into the office after a while and she takes a shower. Cue the most famous scene in movie history. Mother comes in a stabs the life out of poor Marion!! We see Norman coming in and being horrified at what mumsy has done. He cleans up etc and disposes of Marion.

It's not long before Marion's sister Lila(Vera Miles) is looking for her with Sam Loomis. They send a detective, Arbogast(Martin Balsam) after her, but he never comes back. It seems mumsy has disposed of him too. Eventually, Sam and Lila come to Bates Motel and pretend that they are staying there. Sam keeps Norman busy while Lila snoops. She wanders up to the big house and discovers Mrs. Bates in the fruit cellar. She goes to turn her around and she is confronted with a dried out stuffed skeleton. She screams and then up comes Norman behind her dressed as his mother. He is stopped by Sam.Now, we see what had happened. Just in case you didn't get it, the doctor explains it to everyone. Norman was dressing up as mother and killing people. In other words, he is a messed up person. In the end, he is seen sitting in a cell with a blanket around him, grinning. He has turned into mother and she wouldn't even hurt a fly.....Brilliant stuff!!!!P.s., don't even look at that crappy remake with Vince Vaughan in it. It is rubbish and should not even be compared with this original movie!!!


Jigsaw said...

I think the remake with Vince Vaughan was far superior!!!! :P

cofarr01 said...

I also thought that the Gus Van Sant remake of Psycho wasn't bad. Of course it was a shot for shot remake!

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