Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Remakes-Why Mess with Good Movies?- Amanda

I'm changing from my top horror movies to discuss what I see as a travesty. Remaking movies that are classics seems to be the order of the day in Hollywood where original ideas are lacking. I seem to read every day that some movie is being remade or 'updated', whatever they call it. That might seem like a good idea and maybe some movies need to be updated, but let me recall a few remakes that could make your skin crawl... Firstly, the remake of The Wicker Man (2006)with Nicholas Cage. I decided to watch it and give it a chance. Big mistake. It was total rubbish. Whoever decided to mess it up and change most of the story should have been fired. Enough said.

That brings me to another piece of crap- the remake of The Fog(2005). I laughed at the poor acting and the even poorer story. Sadly, it didn't resemble the original at all. There have been some dreadful remakes out there such as The Hills Have Eyes(2006), Prom Night(2008),Psycho (1998) and Texas Chainsaw Massacre(2003). I even hear they are planning new remakes for Dario Argento's Suspiria(Oh no!),Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist(when will it stop?).

I know that maybe I am attached to my favourite movies, but if they are good as they are, why is there a need to remake them? Some films are better left alone. You don't mess with something perfect. That is just my view and plenty of people probably disagree with me, but I am sure that if you watch all of the remakes around today you will see a familiar pattern- they are all crap!


5th Letter said...

You are absolutely right! The only reason Hollywood remakes classic movies is because writers are too lazy to be creative so they remakes classics which usually flop in theaters and at the same time sully the good name of the classics. It's a dangerous cycle that must stop!!! lol!

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