Sunday, December 21, 2008

Surveillance Movie Review 9

Surveillance is a movie starring Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond as FBI agents who travel to a small town police station to interview three people who are witnesses to murders.The agents have been tracking two serial killers and they finally have witnesses to interview.The story shows how each had a different point of view and how they came to the area of the killings.French Stewart of the great sitcom Third Rock from the Sun is a cop who got killed and his partner is still alive so the agents want to know how he died.Then Pell James plays a drug addict who also survived and there is a little girl played by Ryan Simpkins whose family all got murdered to interview also.

The title name comes from the cameras set up in each interview room that Bill Pullman watches while they are all being interviewed.It's written and directed by Jennifer Lynch who did Boxing Helena and the executive producer is her father David Lynch who did the great Twin Peaks,Dune and many others.Speaking of David Lynch did you know you can buy David Lynch Coffee??!! See Pic under here and go to here if you want some !

After a while in the movie I guessed the ending and hoped that I wasn't right but what I thought was correct.To me it seemed obvious but maybe it's not for everyone.Bill Pullman looks very different in this movie but he is very good.It's a different type of movie for him.Surveillance does not show police in a good light but for a simple story its not too bad.

The story is a bit thin but it's ok and the only thing I really did not like is the obvious ending.I think if you do not see it coming you will think this was a great movie.It's another movie that you should only check out if you have seen other better movies but it's ok.I would have scored this a bit better only for the fact that I thought of the end early on in the movie.If you do get to see this movie it will be interesting to see if you think of it too!!!

Surveillance (4/10)


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