Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Wicker Man(1973)- Amanda

Hello there and welcome to another review of a fine horror classic- The Wicker Man(1973). This movie is one to enjoy over and over whilst listening to the screams of the poor man being burned inside the gigantic Wicker Man!!!!The story begins with the disappearance of a young girl on a strange island off the Scottish coast. A policeman, Sgt. Howie(Edward Woodward) is assigned to investigate what happened. On landing, he is aware that the community are a little odd. Well, as he meets locals, he sees that there is something very off about the place.

There is a leader of the Island called Lord Summerisle(Christopher Lee) who rules the place. Sgt. Howie visits him at his home and witnesses some strange rituals being performed. It seems that the people on the island are all pagans and they practise rituals which are disgusting to the Catholic Sgt. Howie. He begins to feel uneasy, as do we as we can see that something is going to happen to him and it isn't going to be good! As he comes closer to discovering that the child isn't missing as he thought, he is captured by the weirdos and put into a huge Wicker Man. He is freaked out, as you would be, but when he realises that he is going to be sacrificed and roasted like a chicken, he screams for help, which is not coming.

The last scene is disturbing as the freaks sing a little song and watch the poor policeman being cremated alive.... Great spooky movie with a classic ending......Just one note, though, stay away from the hideous 'remake' starring poor Nicholas Cage. He really must have needed the cash badly when he starred in that turkey!!!!


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