Monday, January 12, 2009

2009- A Good Year for Horror Movies?

I am back with a question for all horror fans. Is this year going to be better for horror movies than last year? Hopefully, we will see better movies with not so many remakes. Of course, the horror remake trend has followed us into this new year with My Bloody Valentine 3D and the Friday the 13th remakes. I hear that Children of the Corn is remade, Hellraiser is going to be and Nightmare on Elm Street (in 2010). Oh my God, when will it stop? I am sick and tired of this trend. I want to see new films, new scripts, new ideas and I hope that we will see some good horror this year.

Last year wasn't great. There were a couple of good movies such as The Strangers, Midnight Meat Train and Saw V(of course!) There were some terrible duds, such as One Missed Call, Shutter, The Ruins and Mirrors(Just to name a few). I am always willing to give these movies a chance and I will always watch them before I make up my mind. I will watch all of the remakes just to see if I am judging them too harshly, but time and time again, I have been left bitterly disappointed. I can't see these new 're-imaginings' being any better than the originals, but let's hope that 2009 is the year that original horror movies make a comeback. I want to see more blood, more gore, but more than anything else I want to see better stories, better actors and better horror for all of us fans out there. We deserve it!


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