Monday, January 5, 2009

Choke Movie Review 13

Well after reading the book and reviewing it here then there is nothing else for it but to tell you what I thought of the movie! What am I talking about? Choke of course!!!!!!! It is the movie of the book with the same name that was written by Chuck Palahniuk.Its all about..............well you can click here for what I wrote about the book as it is about the same thing! If you are too lazy it is about a guy who scams money by pretending to be choking.Really though click here first then come back! OK I will stop asking you! I had high hopes for this movie as I enjoyed the book so much.I wondered how it would work out though!

Sam Rockwell (pictured on the left)plays the Victor Mancini part here and I did not really know of him before this.I think he was perfect for the part and had the whole attitude of Victor right so that was good.Denny is played by Brad William Henke and he was ok.Try saying his name a few times after a few beers and see how you get on!!! Then Kelly Macdonald plays Paige Marshall and Anjelica Huston plays Victor's mother.Clark Gregg who wrote the screenplay is also in it as Lord High Charlie.The guy who takes colonial times very seriously!! So if you ever write a movie make sure to put yourself into it!

As you know I read the book but Amanda has not so we watched the movie together.I was looking forward to it but Amanda was coming in fresh as she has not read any Chuck Palahniuk's books.Sacrilege I know! Nearly every scene is taken from the book so they did keep very faithful to it.To me that was a good thing.It tells the story of when Victor was young in flashback and there was where the problems started.As they were trying to squeeze everything in, details get left out and it was not made clear what was going on in the flashbacks.Then Anjelica Huston looked the exact same in present day with just the exception of grey hair instead of black.She did not even look sick at all when the whole point is she is weak and near death.

In the picture on the left are Chuck Palahniuk and the screenwriter Clark Gregg.He is smiling as he got a part and Chuck Palahniuk has a cameo also.There are funny moments in the movie just like the book but for whatever reason they had a way lesser impact.From really funny moments in the book here they are just a chuckle and I do think it is because they skimmed over certain areas.Usually I am complaining movies are too long! The Curious Case of Benjamin Button a big example.Here it is too short as everything moves along swiftly.The movie is 90 Min's long and maybe another 20 could have been added to make things clearer.I found myself explaining the missing parts to Amanda but I would only know this from reading the book.If I had not read it then everything would be a bit fuzzy.You would find yourself saying but why did he do that and what's that meant to mean.

All in all it was an okay movie with funny parts.It is a hard book to convert so you have to give a bit of leeway.Some scenes were exactly how I would have pictured them so that was good.The best thing about the movie was Sam Rockwell as he was really great.He had the part down perfectly.The rest then is just okay but Choke is definitely worth watching.I would recommend this to you as it is a good comedy but not a classic.Amanda thought it was an OK movie!

Choke (6/10)


Johnny said...

Eh, I kinda wanna stay away from this one. Just doesn't seem like a book that'd translate well to film. Just cause Fight Club worked doesn't mean we need to turn all of Chuck's books into movies!

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