Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dead of Winter A.K.A Lost Signal (2007)Movie Review 16

Hi, Amanda here! Jigsaw and I saw this movie last night.It is called Lost Signal A.K.A Dead of Winter.I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't heard a thing about it and it had a very low rating on IMDB. But, as always, I like to make up my own mind, so we put it on and sat back to see what happened. This movie is directed by Brian MacNamara who is also an actor. He has been in lot of movies and TV shows such as the O.C. and Army Wives. It is his first effort as a director, so I cut him some slack.

The film begins with a young girl running through the woods as if she is being chased by something. She is clearly distraught and she looks very frightened. A woman is driving along the road at the same time and she sees a jeep and a cop car too so she goes to investigate... This cuts to a flashback of what happened before this.Tiffany Matthews(Sandra McCoy) and her boyfriend Kevin Healy(Al Santos) are going to a New Year's party together. Before they arrive, the host of the party slips LSD into their drinks. They try crystal meth when they arrive and they drink their spiked drinks. The host of the party tries it on with Tiffany and Kevin is angry so they leave. They end up at a store where they buy diet coke and Kevin thinks he sees a weirdo looking at them.

They are feeling the effects of the drugs now and everything seems strange and surreal. They are not sure what is real and what is just an hallucination. They end up in the woods running away from something or someone and they have a series of scary encounters which may or may not be real. We are left wondering what is happening with these two and I have to say that the acting is pretty shabby and the story is not very good. I will not give away the ending so you will have to watch it and see what you think.

Amanda's Verdict (4/10)

I think that this movie isn't the best one you will watch and the acting and the plot let it down. Near the end, it became more laughable by the second and I don't think that I would watch it again.

Jigsaw's Verdict

If you want a paper thin plot,bad acting and some hilarious lines check this out! I kept watching it due to very bad acting that made me laugh and lines such as "Let's have some sex and then I will slit your throat!" and "Here comes Santa Claus!" See Pic on the right! A guy is running away from a killer in a snow plough and he runs in a straight line and not into the trees! Lost Signal is so bad it's good!


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