Tuesday, January 27, 2009

End of the Line(2006)

I just watched this movie yesterday and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn't heard a word about it, but sometimes that is a good thing. It seems to be an unknown movie but that was even better because I didn't know anything about it and as I sat back to watch it, I was pleased with what I saw.

The story begins with a young nurse, Karen(Ilona Elkin) , who is working at a hospital where one of her patients keeps telling her that something is going to happen and that the demons are coming. There are a lot of suicides reported also. That night, Karen is waiting in the subway for a train when a strange guy Patrick(Robin Wilcock) starts hassling her. When she turns him down, he begins to turn nasty until a guy who is also waiting for the train steps up and starts talking to her. She is grateful to the guy whose name turns out to be Mike(Nicolas Wright). They get chatting and then board the train. Suddenly the lights go out and Karen is scared. Mike finds her in the darkness and they wonder what is going on.

They can't hear the intercom. A woman comes into them and she tells them that she saw a young woman and a man walking along the track. She pulls out a cross and she stabs Mike with it. She is crazy and she says that she has to kill them to save them. A girl, Julie(Emily Shelton), is sitting on he train, listening to music when Patrick(the weirdo from earlier) gets on and asks her if she wants to make some money. She declines and he pulls a cross out with a spike on it and threatens to kill her. There are a young couple kissing on the train. The driver of the train goes to see who pressed the emergency button and he sees Patrick and Julie. He asks them and Julie admits to it as Patrick has the knife held to her back. The driver gives them a reprimand and heads off. The young couple run into the tunnel.

Pagers begin to go off in people's bags aboard the train. They are all dressed alike. They are part of a religious cult called Voice of Eternal Hope.Patrick is paged and Julie sprays something into his eyes and runs off. There are people with evil crosses all over the train and they are killing people. Karen and Mike meet more people, including the young couple, who are running away from the crazies with crosses. They get into a room where there are two station workers wondering what is going on. They turn on the TV but there is nothing but red mist. There is no radio or mobile phone coverage. One guy, Neil(Neil Napier) wants to go home to his family so the others decide to go with him, carrying weapons. They leave the two station guys behind them.

One of the station guys has a pager and it beeps. The other guy locks him out as he can't trust him. The crazy people get the two of them anyway. One of the young couple, John(Tim Rozon) is stabbed by a junior crazy and he hits him. His girlfriend,Sarah(Nina Fillis) and the others take him somewhere he can lie down. They bump into Patrick who pretends that he is a good guy but they tie him up and decide what to do. The others decide to keep going but Sarah stays with John and Patrick. Patrick persuades her to let him go and tells her to kill John which she does reluctantly. Along come the group of crazies and they kill Sarah.

Meanwhile, the others are trying to get out of the station. Neil thinks that he is getting away only to be killed by the woman who led the crazies. Mike is stabbed in the leg by a crazy. Karen has to leave him and he plays dead when the crazies come. Julie is on her own, being chased by the crazies when they are paged again and they each take a pill and they drop dead. They all kill each other except for Patrick who is chasing after Karen. He has her cornered when his pager beeps. He has no intention of killing himself. He tries to rape Karen but is stopped by the woman who killed Neil. He kills her anyway. He turns his attentions back to Karen but she rips out his tongue and he dies. Suddenly, she sees demons coming towards her. That ends the movie.

I liked this movie and I liked the scares in it. It was very enjoyable and it was directed by Maurice Devereaux who I had not heard of before. I will be looking forward to his next movie.
I give this movie an 8/10.


harry seenthing said...

wow is scary movie, but i think im interest with that movie, was here for blogwalking....can we make a friends in here....my friends

corpus vile said...

One of my favourite horrors of the 00s,, a self financed indie horror that works as an action horror, but is actually far more layered than what's on the surface and is one of the few horrors where ambiguity works perfectly, imo. Glad you seen and liked it, I'm hoping more get to see it.

Anonymous said...

Never saw this one before but it sounds intriguing. Cults are inherently scary and add demons into the mix, it's a party!I will check this out!

Amanda said...

It is very entertaining and I found it better that I expected.There are few things more eerie than being stuck in a train in the dark and this is spooky and works well here.There is always the possibility that the whole thing could be not what it seems and it is interesting that we never know for sure what the story is.This is one of those movies that got lost somewhere and people don't know about it!!

Amanda said...

This is very good horror with lots of twists and turns.I recommend it!!

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