Monday, January 19, 2009

Feast (2006)

I hadn't heard much about this movie before I watched it a few years ago. I wasn't expecting much, but I found that it was funny, gory and very entertaining. It is well- made and there are some great comic moments in it. But, it is not strictly a comedy. It is a horror movie with some comedy thrown in and it works. There are a few well-known faces in it such as Eric Dane, Balthazar Getty and Krista Allen.

The story begins in a bar. A man walks in covered in blood and everyone looks up. He tells them that there are monsters coming and that they had better watch out. Everyone thinks that he is nuts and they ignore him until he holds up the head of one of the creatures and he is decapitated by one of the creatures. Everyone is stunned and the dead man's wife comes through the door and tells them to board up the place as there are more of them coming. Despite their job, a small monster gets inside and starts to attack people. It attacks a woman and she is supposedly dead.The monster disappears and they find it humping a deer head on the wall. They catch it and throw it into a refrigerator.

This begins the mayhem that ensues as the people inside the bar try to get out without being eaten. They find that there are more of these monsters and they try and stay alive in the bar as the monsters attack. This leads to hilarity and a lot of blood! The bar patrons are scared out of their wits and they try and fight against the monsters who can reproduce in seconds. Who will survive? Who CAN survive these indestructible monsters? You will have to watch and find out. This is worth seeing.Great fun! I give it 8/10.


Ghidorah said...

Agreed, Feast is great!

Feast 2 is also a lot of fun (although a bit less, I think). Yet, I'm waiting for Feast 3 which is underway.

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