Monday, January 19, 2009

The Last House on the Left(1972)


This is a very controversial movie or at least it was when it was first released. It still packs a punch today. It was cut and criticised(what good horror movie isn't?) but it has found a following among devoted horror fans like myself. It is directed by Wes Craven. It is hard to believe that this is the same man who has made recent movies like Cursed(2005) and Red Eye(2005) which are pretty tame in comparison to this.

The movie beg
ins with young Mari Collingwood(Sandra Cassel) who is going out to celebrate her 17th birthday with her friend Phyllis Stone(Lucy Grantham). Her parents give her a necklace before she goes out. The two girls arrive in the city and want to get marijuana. They see Junior(Marc Sheffler) who takes them into an apartment where they meet a gang who have escaped from prison. There is Krug(David Hess), Sadie(Jeramie Rain) and Fred(Fred J. Lincoln). The girls realise their mistake as they are trapped in the apartment. Phyllis is raped as Mari watches in horror.

The next morning, the girls are put in the trunk of a car and taken to the countryside. The criminal's car breaks down and they drag the girls into the woods besid
e Mari's house. In the woods, the girls are subjected to the worst degradation and they are tortured by the gang. Phyllis tries to escape but she is caught and killed. Mari is left with Junior and she tries to persuade him to let her go by giving him her necklace and he does let her go but she is caught by the rest of the gang. Krug carves his name on her chest and rapes her. She is so shocked by this that she walks into the lake and she is shot by the gang who quickly change their clothes and wash.

The gang show up at the Collingwood's house masquerading as salesmen. Mari's parents invite them in and let them stay overnight, not knowing who they are. But, Estelle Collingwood(Cynthia Carr) recognises the necklace that Junior is wearing and she overhears the gang talking. She puts two and two together. She and her husband, Dr. Collingwood(Richard Towers) go out into the woods and they find Mari who is dead. They decide to do something about the gang. Estelle lures Fred outside and she bites off his penis. The doctor gets a shotgun and approaches the others but he is overpowered by Krug. Junior tries to kill Krug but he shoots himself instead. The cops show up and the Sheriff sees the doctor with a chainsaw. He tries to stop him from killing Krug, but it is no use. Estelle chases Sadie and slits her throat. The couple reunite in their living room and survey the carnage. That's the end.

There is a big deal made about the violence in this movie,but it is no more appalling than what you could see anywhere these days. I think that it is because it is so realistic that people find it hard to watch. It is a long- forgotten classic and I hear that there is going to be a remake this year. I am not sure about that, but I think that you can't go wrong with the original. Watch it and
decide what YOU think.This movie will stay with you a long time.I give this a 9/10.


Arie Wijaya said...

Awesome Blog you have and
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Ghidorah said...

Yes, it's unbelievable Wes Craven made this. Maybe there is two Wes Craven? one good and one evil?

Last House was made by the evil one for sure...

Jigsaw said...

Yes, I have to agree. Last House was made when Craven was at his best. Hopefully he might return to his former self soon!

Anonymous said...

I only hope the remake will live up to the original, which was awesome!

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