Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lost - Season 5 - Episode 1 and 2

Well..............It is back! One of my favourite TV shows is back on TV and episode 1 and 2 recently aired.What did you think of it? Do you still watch it? Maybe you used to and now you don't? Maybe you are still a hardcore fan like I am! It felt so long waiting around for season 5 that I had to rethink about what had happened in season 4.The two new episodes were called "Because you left" and "The Lie". If you are still waiting to see these episodes and do not want to know about them then you better stop reading!!!!! The Oceanic 6 that got off the island have not gone on to live their lives quietly! Kate is being asked questions about the baby,Hurley is crazy (well we knew that before!) Sun wants to kill Ben,Sayid is doing dangerous work and Jack wants to get back to the island after spending four seasons trying to get off! Meanwhile Ben is trying to round everyone up and take Locke back to the island! Locke was seen at the end of season 5 in the casket but is he really dead? My theory is that it is a scheme between him and Ben to get everyone to go back.He might be still alive as after all he just LOOKED dead! An interesting video here is of the alternate endings that they had for season 4.

As we all know the island was moved at the end of season 4 and Locke is now time travelling by jumping around in time. At the very end of episode 2 we see Ben talking to Miss Hawking.She is played by Fionnula Flanagan who is Irish by the way.Not that it matters! But she is the one who was seen in Lost before talking to Desmond.Yes the guy who says "Brother" in every sentence! Try it yourself! It is a fun way to talk! Miss Hawking tells Ben that he has 70 hours to get the Oceanic 6 back to the island otherwise...........the show gets cancelled! No,really she says "God help us all!" That sounds okay but before that Hurley gave himself up to police as they think he killed people.Hurley would do anything to stay away from Ben(Pictured) as Sayid told him not to trust him.But Sayid is in Hurley's parents house knocked out on the couch.He was hit by a tranquiliser dart when he killed the guys that Hurley is accused of killing.Yes my head hurts too when I think about all this!!! If you missed the episodes then you hopefully are a bit more informed but bear in mind the show is as complex as it sounds!

Well, there were 2 episodes to wet your appetite! Did you like them? I did as it explained about the island moving and gave us some more information.As usual though it gave us more questions too!! Will the 6 get back to the island? Is Locke really dead or just looking like he is? If he is dead will the island bring him back to life? I have always loved Lost even when people gave up on it for being complex.Some of the so called "boring" episodes were necessary so we learn about each character and what path he or she took to get to the island.If you do not know, there is a definite story arc in place and it will all be going someplace.It's not just written on the fly! The writers know the full idea of where it is going so keep watching!!

So,what did you think? Do you love or hate the show? What about the episodes? Were you disappointed with them or enthralled by them? why? Please comment about your thoughts if any! Or you could just look at the beautiful Evangeline Lilly and comment about her!


Reel Advice said...

Hi there Jigsaw!

Jed here of Reel Advice!

I have to say, being a devoted fan of the show, I am quite happy with the storyline. But something bothers me though, I have already known a lot of people that got tired of Lost and with this new plot, I think more would get frustrated. Answers were made but like the trend of Lost, more questions are being pumped out!

Well that is one thing I like about Lost though, it takes dedication to understand it! Not unlike most shows out there!

Jigsaw said...

Yes that is the thing about Lost.You have to stay with it and it all makes sense.Always remember...The Island has all the answers and will know what to do!!!!

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