Saturday, January 10, 2009

Near Dark(1987)

This is one of my favourite vampire movies. There is a great cast and a great soundtrack too. There is a great atmosphere in this movie. We meet Caleb(Adrian Pasdar), a cowboy standing outside a convenience store with his buddies. He spots this girl, Mae(Jenny Wright) and he is smitten with her at once. He goes to talk to her and they chat. He asks her to go for a drive with him and she agrees. Simple so far. He tells her that he has never met a girl like her and she tells him that he hasn't ever met someone like her. She tells him that in a million years time, she will still be here. He doesn't understand her, but he is fascinated by her.

We see what she is talking about when she bites Caleb on the neck and her true nature is revealed. She is a vampire and now, she has tried to make him one too. He stumbles home but is picked up by someone in an RV van. He is confronted with a group of strangers-Jesse(Lance Henriksen),Severn(Bill Paxton),Diamondback(Jenette Goldstein) and Homer(Joshua John Miller).Mae is with them and he finds out that they are her 'family'. They decide what to do with him and he joins their gang(for the moment anyway). We see how they live and we see them killing with ease. Caleb doesn't want to be part of this life after a while and he tries to get away from them.

They are not happy with this and then they try to kill him which causes him to fight back against these powerful vampires. There are some great scenes in this movie and I think that it deserves to be called a classic. I love it and I think that it is a must for any fan of horror and vampire movies. It is much better than some vampire flicks I have seen. I give this one a ten out of ten.


Garg the Unzola said...

Very cool movie. I really liked the extras on the DVD too!

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