Monday, January 26, 2009

The Office Season 5 Episode 11 and 12

hope that you watch this show too as I love this show! What show? The Office of course.Amanda and I like to sit down and watch it and laugh away! Did you see the two most recent episodes? Episode 11 was called "The Duel" and episode 12 was called "Prince Family Paper". The Duel was about how Michael told Andy that Dwight was sleeping with Angela and Andy and Dwight had a duel in the car park! This was a brilliant episode that had these two lovable idiots arguing and Andy drove his car into Dwight who got stuck in the hedge! Everyone was looking out the window at them and Jim struggled to keep control in Michaels absence.Meanwhile Michael thought he was in trouble after being ordered to go to headquarters in the city.They really wanted to know why his branch was doing so well! Naturally Michael had no answer and just rambled on playing for time.This was a classic episode!
Some classic lines in it.Lines such as "What weapon?" "My bare hands" "That's stupid I'll use a sword and cut off your hands" See a brilliant scene here!

Episode 2 was about how the company wanted to know about how a small opposition paper company was doing business and Michael and Dwight get dispatched to find out about them.They make up elaborate cover stories and end up getting their client list! Even though they are very nice people Michael knows that they can now run them out of business and feels bad.Dwight has no scruples and says to send it to main office so they end up chasing each other around with the list! Back at the office a huge debate begins about Hilary Swank! Is she hot or not? Half the office go one way and half go the other.As they are split everyone gives their point of view complete with pointers and projections of her face for analysis! That was a great episode too! See the poll question on this blog to give your view!

verall "The Duel" was the better of the two but this show is very funny and is definitely a must watch! It is based on the English version which is also brilliant.The American Office is a little more wacky as in the stories are more out of the ordinary.Dan Carell is very good as the Boss who thinks he is great and wants to be liked! Dwight and Andy are so funny too!


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