Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oz -The Greatest Prison Drama Ever?

Recently I have been going back over what I think is the greatest prison drama ever.When I hear that theme music hit I get giddy with excitement! Who is going to kill who? Who is going to double cross who? Who will enter Oz? These were all the thoughts I had when it ran on television.Now I have just watched the first two seasons as I wanted to relive those moments! Even though I know what happens it still makes for gripping TV.Maybe you never watched it or never even heard of it but it was a HBO show that had everything! I mean everything as nudity,murders,rapes and double crosses were par for the course.Of course that is why I watched it! You never knew if a main character was going to get killed or what would happen.

I can remember the first time I saw Oz.I was skimming through channels late at night and I just caught the end of the opening credits.I thought it was a movie as there was a lot of money put into the show and I remember hearing the name "Ryan O' Reilly" I said to myself,he must be Irish with a name like that! So when he entered his cell or pod as they were called on the show Shillinger the Aryan Nazi of the show said "O'Reilly.....That mean your Irish?" Then Ryan said "yeah,you got a problem with that?" From then on he was my favourite character!!!! He was not going to take any crap from that Nazi moron! I remember it finishing after a while and I said hey it must be a series! From the listings it was on at 2 o clock in the morning due to its graphic nature but I kept watching it as best I could.

So there were all sorts of groupings in Oz.Muslims,mafia,blacks,Christians,Nazis,Irish,Latinos to name but a few.Yes,Yes I know! Cliche central,We have just arrived! But it was gripping TV with all the goings on.I think the best thing was a guy could come in and we would learn about his history and promptly piss off one of the regular groups and he would be killed! You really never knew what was going to happen.I was glad the series ended when it did though.They had literally run through every scenario that you could have in a prison.I read that the writer said the same thing so they decided to end it.It is still a brilliant show.Probably great for the ladies out there as there was loads of guys naked.Great for gay guys too.Not that there is anything wrong with that!!! I hope you got my Seinfeld reference! The reason I bring him up is I was wondering did any of you see him in Oz?

There was the whole video but NBC took it down.The idea was that as Seinfeld was in prison at the end of the sitcom, Seinfeld gets sent to Oz!! It was on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and was a very funny bit!!

Oz though was one of the best shows ever on TV and I would advise you to buy it on DVD like I did and have a good time watching it again and again.Now I must go and watch the rest of the seasons!!


Texas Wanderer said...

I loved Oz when it first came out. It was intense, interesting, and had some great characters. I think it fell off into the "NBK" kind of mental freak theme after a couple of years, but those first ones really rocked.

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