Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Religulous by Bill Maher - Movie Review 20

Religulous is Bill Mahers new movie about Religion.It is directed by Larry Charles who directed Seinfeld,Borat and Curb your Enthusiasm.Bill Maher is the host of Real Time with Bill Maher and is someone who I think is a great stand up comedian or social commentator whichever you think is more appropriate! I usually agree with him except when he goes on and on about how Bush is the worst guy in the world.Maybe he is but I think talking about it non stop is silly.You may or may not have seen Bill Maher:The Decider but in that, all he talked about was how Bush was bad.It gets really boring after a while! In Religulous his focus is on religion and I was a bit worried before I saw this that it might be over the top mocking of religion.It's OK to say what you think but mocking other peoples beliefs can be very off putting. I am happy to say that in this he did not come across as mocking every religion.He asks questions about each one to their believers and tries to find out why they believe in what they do.A lot of people have their mind made up before they see a documentary so I think it is good to try and stay open minded before you see one.I was worried about what he would say to people but he was just asking questions and not getting in people's faces.It is interesting to see people really devoted to their religion that they cannot answer questions.Mind you, only one person that I remember walked out of the interview so I suppose it is not too bad.He talked to one guy who was gay but now is married to a former lesbian as they both found God.They now have kids and Bill wondered were they still gay but they said they were not.It seemed like the guy was just saying it and did not believe it but if they are happy that's the main thing! There were some great laugh out loud moments especially when a senator says you do not have to pass an IQ test to be in the senate and he meets Jesus in a theme park!.I do not think that you would be offended if you are a Protestant,Catholic,Jew or Muslim.It is always good to shine a light on a subject no matter what it is and it should be okay to ask questions of it.This is a documentary that will get you thinking about religion and wondering about it.Mind you at the end Bill Maher makes his feelings very clear about religion and you probably know what they are already.I suspect that you will either love or hate this documentary depending on your point of view.I could not help but laugh at some of peoples views in this but I'm sure they might laugh at mine also. This was an interesting subject to cover as not many people look at all types of religion but usually one of them.You will find some parts funny,some serious and others will have you thinking and talking about them.Bill Maher was not totally biased and gave a chance for everyone he met to debate the merits of what they believe.I would recommend you seeing this movie even to just get you thinking about religion and what someone who does not believe in it thinks about it.I agree with Bill Maher on this subject and as I do this gets a high mark.If you totally love your religion and are devoted to it you should still like this movie as it just asks questions of religion and I did not see bias or total mocking of it.As always please comment on your thoughts! Religulous (8/10)


harry seenthing said...

wow is a good information in here, thanks for visiting me my friends

Earpoke said...

Good review! I really enjoyed this movie, and agree with all its points. That being said, its biggest fault is that it's really one sided

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