Thursday, January 15, 2009

Revolutionary Road Movie Review 15

Revolutionary Road is a movie directed by Sam Mendes and stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet.Appearing in this movie also is Kathy Bates who was in that great movie Misery! Misery was a Stephen King adaptation and Revolutionary Road is from a novel by Richard Yates.I have never read the book and I did not even see a trailer for this movie before seeing it.I came in totally fresh knowing nothing about the story.Straight away you can tell it is a period piece due to all the old style cars and all the hats that people are wearing.We learn this is all around the 1950's and Dicaprio's character is married to Kate Winslet's character and things seem a bit frosty! She is acting in a play and it all goes badly so we realise that things in the marriage are not going smoothly.As they drive home they stop the car and have a huge argument and things do not get sorted out.

What follows is them trying to keep their marriage together as he works in an office and she toils about the home cleaning and doing laundry.Then when they meet up they argue.Then stop for a while.Argue again.Stop.Argue.And so on! Yes.It is as depressing as it sounds! There are also flashbacks to the happier times where they are moving into Revolutionary Road so that is the only thing to break the monotony.This movie feels like Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet's attempt at Oscar glory.It was the same for Will Smith in Seven Pounds,Brad Pitt in Ben Buttons and Sean Penn in Milk.I think they look through the list of movies they get, for anything with a meandering story and preferably something in the past!!! Smith did the present time,Penn did the 1970's,Dicaprio the 1950's and Brad Pitt was the most far back at roughly 1918 !!!! Are you noticing the pattern???

Dicaprio in this movie looks like a teenager as he is clean shaven.I think that is why he likes to have a goatee or a beard in his movies.He looks far too young otherwise!! He is a good actor in this but the story is too boring.Winslet gets to cry a lot here so she does her bit too for that Oscar! This is a movie that I found myself looking at my watch wondering when it would be over and at 120 Min's it felt like a very long time! It is a very depressing type of movie also so do not go to see this if you want to improve your mood.It will appeal to people who like a drama with a married couple arguing.Who likes that I do not know! If you do then run and go see this.If however you like a bit more of a story then do not see it.They do make these type of old movies well as in the realism of that time with all the clothes,hats and old cars.I wish they had a better story as it felt like an extended soap opera storyline line or a two person play.

The book is probably a better read than this movie but that would not be hard.I know it may seem I only want an action movie but The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke showed everyone how it is done.There has to be an engaging story otherwise these movies end up pointless which is what I felt this is.There were no surprises and it ends predictably also.It might make a good movie to bring your wife or girlfriend to but even they would find it all depressing.Amanda thought it was rubbish also so there, is a woman's perspective in case you think all women would love it.You end up coming out of the movie on a downer having watched a couple arguing for 2 hours!! To help cheer you up as this movie is boring you can see this picture of Kate Winslet! She does her best to raise your Titanic here!!!

Revolutionary Road (1/10)

It gets one for the costumes and cars!!

What did you think?

If you want a spoiler or wondering about the end click here


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