Friday, January 30, 2009

Silver Bullet(1985)

This werewolf movie is based on a novella called Cycle of The Werewolf, written by Stephen King. It is one of my favourite movies and it is directed by Dan Attias, who is well known for his television work.

This movie begins in the small town of Tarker's Mills,Maine. A railroad worker(James Gammon) is attacked by something that the police cannot identify. They assume that he was run over by a train adn they leave it at that. A woman, Stella(Wendy Walker) is slaughtered in her bedroom and the police begin to worry that there is something very wrong in the little town. Jane(Megan Follows) is narrating the story and she has a brother,Marty(Corey Haim) who is confined to a wheelchair. Another man,Milt(James A. Baffico) is killed when he goes outside to his shed.

Everything goes to hell when a young man, Brandy(Joe Wright), is killed. The townsfolk are up in arms about it and they have a meeting to discuss it. Reverend Lester Lowe(Everett McGill) tries to make them see sense, but they ignore him. They go out at night to hunt down the person or creature who is responsible for this but they end up being attacked by it instead. Meanwhile, Marty's alcolholic uncle Red(Gary Busey) arrives in town. Marty's parents aren't too happy to see him, but Marty idolises him. He sets up a motorised wheelchair for Marty. Marty decides to take it for a ride at night as he has fireworks he wants to set off. As he is setting them off, the werewolf approaches him. He escapes by wounding the creature in the eye with a firework and driving home.

Marty tells his sister Jane about it and they go around town pretneding to look for cans for recycling so that they can find out which local has an eye patch. Jane goes to Reverend Lowe's house and she sees that he has a patch. She becomes very nervous around him and he suspects that she knows something. He is going to do her some damage but she escapes. He begins to stalk Marty and he tries to kill him. He has gone mad and he doesn't care about the fact that Marty is just a child. Marty and Jane convince Uncle Red that the Reverend is dodgy and he doesn't know what to think. He believes them, though and he talks to the Sheriff(Terry O' Quinn) and asks him to look into the Reverend's background. He does so and when he finds out that Lowe has a dodgy background, he goes to confront him. Unfortunately, he is killed by Lowe.

This sets up the final scenes where the Lowe/Werewolf comes to the house to kill Marty. He stalks outside until he makes his move and he is only stopped when he is shot by a silver bullet which Marty had made specially. He transforms back into the Reverend and the brother and sister are drawn closer together as a result of what has happened. A very good movie with a good cast. I liked all of the characters in this and I think that the movie has an eerie quality to it. It gets a 10/10 from me.


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