Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vacancy 2- The First Cut (2009) Movie Review 17

This movie is the sequel to Vacancy(2007) which I will review in a future post. Jigsaw and I watched Vacancy 2 last night and we were pleasantly surprised. It wasn't bad at all. The actors were okay and they story was fine so it was worth watching.

The story begins before the original film so we see the Meadow View Inn before the killings that happened. Gordon(David Moscow) is running the place alongside Reece(Brian Klugman). They have cameras set up in the rooms to film couples having sex. A newly married couple stop in and they film them having sex. Then along comes a stranger who calls himself Smith(Scott G. Anderson) with a woman who is obviously a hooker. The boys sit back to watch them go at it, but they are horrified when they see him kill her instead. This begins a chain of events which results in the boys making a deal with the killer and a trucker friend of theirs. They agree to film the psycho killing people and in return, they can sell the videos and make a fortune.

They get everything ready for the next unfortunate people who stop by. They are pleased when three people stop at the motel for the night. They are Jessica(Agnes Bruckner), her fiancee Caleb(Trevor Wright) and their annoying friend Tanner(ArJay Smith). The couple get a room while Tanner sneaks into an empty one for the night. But, they see that things are weird and they find out that they are being filmed. They try to escape and the baddies head out to kill them before they can escape...

Amanda's Verdict (5/10)
I liked this movie because the story was good and I liked the premise. There was plenty of killing and suspense. It wasn't as good as the original, but it is worth watching because it sets up the first movie too. We get to see how it all began and it is funny to see the way that the victims are silly.

For example, the lead Jessica doesn't think to get a weapon. When she does, she hides underwater and shoots . I would have thought that a gun wouldn't work underwater, but maybe I am wrong there. I saw some flaws with it like the stereotypical perfect couple who have the annoying friend along for company and of course, the couple are discussing their relationship etc. But, all in all, this is entertaining and worth a look.

Jigsaw's Verdict (4/10

This movie was quite fun if a little silly.You end up shouting at the characters on the screen when they do stupid things like not arming themselves or just running away! It was still okay though and is just about worthwhile checking out especially if you like horror or the first movie.It always helps when Agnes Bruckner is beautiful looking (see Pic Above!) and you will be hoping she does not die.You will have to just see it to find out!!!!


Missy said...

Haven't seen Vacancy 2 but I liked the original.

Amanda said...

You should watch it if you liked the original. it is good fun!

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