Friday, January 16, 2009

Wolf Creek(2005)

This movie is a great Australian horror film which we don't see a lot of. I had heard that this was based on true events, but I think that it is just a mish-mash of different murders which have occured in Australia over the years. I really like this movie because it is simple and to the point.There are no special effects or CGI. There is just plain creepiness and a disturbing killer.

It begins with two British tourists, Liz(Cassandra Magrath) and Kristy(Kestie Morassi) who are travelling through the outback with Aussie Ben(Nathan Phillips). They are full of fun and parties etc and it's just like any other holiday. They decide to drive to Wolf Creek which is a large crater which was created by a meteorite. They explore the area and everything is great until they return to their car and it won't start. Their watches have also stopped. They begin to get freaked when night comes and there is no sign of anybody around. Suddenly, they are rescued by a seemingly nice guy with a large truck, Mick Taylor(John Jarratt) who tows them to his place for safety.

He gives them something to eat and drink and they think that he is a nice guy. But little do they know that the water they are given is drugged and they wake up the next morning in different scenarios. Liz is tied up in a shed and she escapes and discovers Kristy being tortured by Mick.
She grabs a gun and tries to shoot Mick, but she fails to wound him seriously. The two girls flee and try to get away from the mad Mick. But, they can't get anywhere without a car so Liz returns to his garage,leaving Kristy to wait for her. She discovers that Mick has stuff belonging to loads of people who have obviously been out in his part of the country and who are dead now.Liz realises that he had been in the gas station earlier on when they had stopped to refuel and that he had followed them. It becomes obvious that he is a clever bloke.

She gets into one of his cars but is disturbed by Mick who proceeds to stab her through the back, cut off her fingers and sever her spinal cord, just for fun. He tortures her to find out where Kristy is and then sets off to get her. Kristy is on a road and she flags down a motorist who stops to pick her up, but just as she thinks she is getting away, the man is shot from some distance. Here comes Mick again! She tries to escape but he gets her and kills her. He takes her back to his happy home. We finally come to poor Ben who wakes up nailed to a beam joined by two caged savage dogs. Somehow he escapes and gets away. The film ends like a documentary which gives the impression that this really happened.Mick disappears into the sunset, waiting for the next hapless tourist to come along...So, the lesson from this movie? The next time you want to take a detour to the middle of nowhere, you had better think twice! Nothing good ever happens when people venture into the most isolated places and expect to come away, unharmed. There is always some psycho waiting for you.... I would give this a 9/10.


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