Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Best Slasher Movie of the Seventies?

I am back with another poll. I have to split this one into decades as there are so many films to choose from. This one is just slasher movies so forget all of the other horror films, I am just dealing with the psycho-stalker-with-a-knife movies. I am going to compile a list and I want you to choose YOUR faves from it and of course, I know that you will tell me if there are some missing.

Here they are in no particular order:

2.Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)
3.Black Christmas(1974)
4.When A Stranger Calls(1979)
5.Twitch of the Death Nerve(1971)
6. Frenzy(1972)

8.Deep Red(1975)
9.Hills Have Eyes(1977)

12.Silent Night, Bloody Night(1973)


14.The Toolbox Murders(1978)

15.Driller Killer(1979)

16. Tourist Trap(1979)

17. Four Flies on Grey Velvet(1971)

18. Bird with the Crystal Plumage(1970)

I know that some famous horror movies from this decade are not in this list, but they are not technically slasher movies. I am going to feature these in a different category so don't think that I have omitted them. My favourites are Suspiria, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hills Have Eyes and Halloween. Of course, I would choose any of these to watch any time,but those four are my all-time favourites.


Anonymous said...

Halloween is probably my favorite on the list.

Black Christmas was another great one, watching the coeds get picked off one by one.

What about the original Last House on the Left? Slasher movie? Borderline at best, I guess. But a crazy movie (and we just watched the remake, WOW!).

Amanda said...

I didnt like the remake of Last House at all. It was very bad. Maybe I am just a lover of the old movies and I think that the new re-imaginings are not up to standard...I agree Halloween and Black Christmas are great slasher movies!

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