Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Friday the 13th 'Remake' (2009)

I sat down to watch the remake of Friday the 13th yesterday. I had read many bad reviews about it, but I always like to make up my own mind about things, so I said that I would give it a chance. You never know until you see it yourself. It started off well enough with the usual kids in the woods and camping etc etc. But, it was when Jason turned up that it really started to flag. I was a half hour into the movie and I was bored. I was an hour into the movie and I was just p****d off.It was just a whole bunch of cliches strung together and made into a movie. The acting was terrible,which isn't unusual for horror movies, but I didn't like the characters and what's more, I was glad when Jason killed them! I didn't like anything about the movie and I really tried to like it.
It was boring, cliched and just plain crap. It's all been done before, but it has been done way better than this. I am not going to bother reviewing it as I really don't see the point. You might have liked it and that is fine, but for me, I wouldn't want to waste my time seeing this piece of rubbish again. I will give it 0/10.


scary film reviewer said...


This is very harsh. I guess horror fans are just becoming like "the academy" expecting a lot out of all genres, even ones that have 6 Leprechaun movies and Troll 2 as cult classics.

Amanda said...

Ya well, everyone is entitled to their opinion and this is mine. I don't 'expect' much at all . I just like something with a story and with characters I can relate to. This isn't the only movie I haven't liked and it won't be the last. As for cult classics, well, people like them because they stand the test of time and this movie isn't going to be remembered 20 years from now.

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