Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hells Kitchen Season 5- Episode 2 Recap

I'm back with another exciting episode of Hells Kitchen. This week, there was plenty of back-stabbing, bitchiness and laughable moments with the cooks who are oh-so-clearly out of their depth! Gordon Ramsay is back for some screaming, swearing and shouting!

The day begins with loud drums at 5.49 AM and the cooks have a rude awakening. They have to go through two crates full of water and other things to find scallops . They all complain of the smell and Colleen(that fool!) falls in(hee hee!!!). They have a challenge to see who can take the most scallops from their shell. The boys win by a narrow margin and they are treated to a day out with Chef.(WATCH THE CLIP) But, Robert, who is a large guy has to go by ferry instead of by helicopter because he is too heavy. I felt sorry for him because he was being singled out and the other guys had a great time with Chef while he was still on the ferry by himself. The girls have to prepare seafood for that night and Lacey runs up to her room sobbing and takes to her bed. She won't come down and she lets the rest of the the team do her share of the work too which makes them very angry.
She finally decides to come down after a nice lie in. She seems to be a lazy person and I think that her heart isn't in it. Some of the others are a little bossy, though and I don't like that either. I don't like Colleen or Lacey or Andrea- she is fierce bossy and I don't think that that will help in the team.

Meanwhile, Ji hurts her ankle and she can't walk on it but she decides to brave the service anyway. She is a good worker and she doesn't complain either which is a good quality in a person. The others, though are so busy whining at each other that they make up for it. Paula and Robert are operating the raw bar and they serve up seafood to the customers. Service begins and Carol is the first one to get shouted at. Her risotto is stuck to the pan! Andrea is still thinking that she owns the place and she is so irritating. I hate domineering people! In the men's kitchen, Charlie is in trouble for making a terrible risotto. He tells Chef that he has never made one before and Ben has to step in and show him how. Robert is doing very well at the raw bar. Colleen gets in trouble because she can't cook a scallop properly and she has to be shown how by Lacey. Chef tells her that he doesn't know how she can teach anyone to cook! It's so funny because she thinks that she is great, but she ain't a cook! She is messing up all of the time. Charlie is still messing up and this time he forgets to put lobster in the lobster spaghetti! Very funny! Colleen is in trouble AGAIN as she forgets one dish and serves up a raw salmon! Giovanni makes the same mistake and gets yelled at!

The men and women have a challenge to see who finishes their service first and the men win leaving the women to choose two people who deserve to go. Lacey is nominated and so is Colleen. I was really hoping that Colleen would go but then Ji tells Chef that she cannot continue and so Lacey and Colleen were spared and Ji went. She tried her best to work through the pain, but she couldn't. She was a good contestant. The others are miffed that she had to go and they still hate Lacey. That should ensure some fun next week as the bitchiness continues!


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