Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hells Kitchen Season 5- Episode 1 Recap

Well, what can I saw about this show? I love it. I love seeing the
supposed 'cooks'(some of them aren't real cooks!) shouted at by Gordon Ramsay. I like him because he tells it like it is and he doesn't take any crap. I love seeing him shouting at some red-faced contestant and making them look like a fool. Oh, it's such fun when you can watch it happening to someone else! Last year's winner was Christina and I did NOT like her at all. This year, there are some new people who have annoyed Chef Ramsay ALREADY!

The first episode beings with the confident chefs making their signature dish for Chef(WATCH THE CLIP ABOVE). It isn't long before he puts them in their places! This is where the fun begins. The first person up is Carol and he likes her food. But, for some of the others he is not so nice. Up comes Colleen who just teaches food to chefs but she has no cooking qualifications herself to teach anyone!That is stupid! She gets annoyed with him when he doesn't like her food and I can see a big personality clash! I don't like her already so I think that she isn't going to last very long in this series. He calls her food crap and I had to agree from looking at it! He doesn't like Seth either who he later calls Forrest(after Forrest Gump!).

They agree on team names- Blues Brothers for the guys and the gals are Team Saffron. They begin to prep for the dinner and Lacey walks off and says she is quitting after getting frustrated. The others are not happy with her, especially as they have to work twice as hard. In the men's kitchen, Seth is annoying everyone as he keeps asking where stuff is. He wanders around the kitchen looking lost and he can't seem to do anything right. Chef makes everyone line up and he tells them that one person from each team has to be a waiter/waitress so from the gals, it's Carol and from the men it's Giovanni.

Meanwhile, in the girl's kitchen, Lacey is under attack from Coi who is annoyed at her because she left earlier on. It comes to a head and Chef has to intervene to calm her down. Giovanni is taking orders from customers and he is mixing everything up and he doesn't know what some of the dishes are(cringe!). He is messing it all up and Chef ain't pleased. Carol, on the other hand, is doing very well and she is keeping her cool under pressure. Colleen is adding to Chef's recipes and he catches her out. Suddenly, the power goes- I think that that was done deliberately to see how they can cope under pressure. The chefs hold it together and they manage to work as a team. Danny and Chef have a disagreement, but it blows over. Colleen is pulled over by Chef AGAIN(I love it!) for cooking a new spaghetti in a dirty pan. Meanwhile, Wil is messing it all up and he is getting roared at by Chef! I love when someone starts to annoy Ramsay as he never lets up on them! The funniest thing was when he pulled Colleen over yet again for putting sugar in her risotto instead of salt. What the hell is she doing in a kitchen if she makes a basic mistake like that? I think that she is an idiot and I am hoping that she will go soon.

Seth is on the bad side of the chef when his lamb is cooked terribly and Chef starts calling him Forrest because he is so stupid! Wil is in big trouble as he can't hold it together and begins to mess it all up. I don't think that he is able for it and he has a meltdown. The end of service comes and the men's team loses. They choose Wil and Seth for elimination. In the end, it comes down to who did worse and Wil is eliminated. I think that it was a good choice because he really lost it and he wasn't good enough. I will be back next week with episode 2 of Hell's Kitchen. I can't wait to see who is next for the chop!!!!


Amie said...

I found you through BE--just wanted to let you know about (I also found this on BE); it works similar, but quicker, much more views on your blog. I doubled, almost tripled what I get with BE in one day. Just spreading the love! --Amie

Janice said...

I too love this show but I was really shocked and touched by Ji's decision on the 2nd episode to voluntarily be ousted from the show even though she wasn't nominated because she would not be able to perform at a hundred percent due to an unfortunate injury, thus saving Colleen and Lacey from being booted out of the show! Ji's words we're so touching it made my cry. I do hope that they would bring her back to the show! I found that she has a website, with photos and you can email and even vote as to whether to have her back to the show. I really hope that she would be back. :)

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