Monday, February 23, 2009

Hells Kitchen Season 5 Episode 3 Recap

Hells Kitchen wasn't on for one week, so this week, we are only on episode 3. The last episode, we saw Ji go as she had hurt her ankle, even though Colleen and Lacey were both very weak.

This week begins, as usual, with a challenge. Of course, the gals aren't happy that Ji went and they wish that it had been Lacey. Andrea(who I do not like) wishes that Lacey had hurt her ankle instead, which I thought was a bit mean. I don't like Lacey either, but she is still in the competition. Back to the challenge. The cooks are taken to a meat processing plant and the girls are so disgusted by the sight of the meat( I mean, if you want to be a chef, you are supposed to be used to the sight of RAW MEAT!!!). They are given a test afterwards to point out all of the different cuts of meat on a cow and the guys win.

The girls have to bring in a cow and cut it up. I have to laugh at the big fuss they make about doing it.(Watch the Clip Above!) Chefs have to handle all sorts of raw things and I would think that it ain't a big deal. They are then given the offal from the cow to eat and then they start vomiting etc. I have to say that I was surprised at so called cooks vomiting. It reminded me of Fear Factor except that these are people who want to be chefs and they are so disgusted by offal which they will have to deal with if they are going to be chefs. Pathetic. Meanwhile, they guys are tasting wine and having a nice dinner while the ladies moan and whine.

The chefs are all back in the kitchen and the service is going to begin for the evening. One team has to serve he food while the other cooks it and vice versa. The girls do well and the guys are under pressure to cook the steaks etc as hells kitchen is transformed into a steakhouse. Ben surprises everyone by bringing dessert before the main course is even served. Then Giovanni, who works in a steakhouse messes up every steak he cooks. Lacey, meanwhile, is messing up her orders and Jean-Phillipe is not impressed. Seth is cutting a fillet steak and he messes up and wastes some of the most expensive cut of beef. Chef Ramsay is furious with him. Then it is the guys turn to serve and the gals head into the kitchen for their service. Charlie messes up with his service and he forgets everything and generally screws everything up. Colleen can't even remember what she is cooking and food begins to return to the kitchen. The guys lose and Charlie and Seth are up for elimination. Chef Ramsay eliminates Charlie(pictured above) as he really screwed up .

That's it for another week. What will happen? Will Lacey finally get kicked off? Will Seth do something right for a change? Let's find out next week when I recap another episode of Hell's Kitchen!


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