Sunday, February 1, 2009


This movie is a new one and an entertaining one at that. There is plenty of suspense and plenty of gore for any horror fan. I think that some of the low budget films can be better than the ones that you see in the cinema. They can be more fun and there are some good scares in this one!

his film begins with a pump attendant going outside to sit down and relax when he is attacked by some rabid animal who leaps at him. We see that the attendant's body is being attacked by an infection as he contorts and bleeds.We cut to a couple,Seth(Paulo Costanzo) and Polly(Jill Wagner)who are driving along as they look for a place to set up their tent for the night in Oklahoma. Unfortunately for them, their tent is ripped and they decide to go to a motel, but in a really stupid move, they stop for a girl who waves at them from the road. Her boyfriend jumps out and they carjack the poor couple. They hit some animal with spikes and their car breaks down.Polly drives into the gas station where the first attack happened.

They enter the gas station and find that there is no one around. The male carjacker, Dennis(Shea Whigham) stays with Polly while Seth and the female carjacker, Lacey(Rachel Kerbs) are outside. Lacey is a drug addict and she is hallucinating. She sees the deformed body of the attendant and she is very upset. She is attacked and killed by the creature. The others take refuge inside the gas station. They see Lacey beginning to reanimate and Dennis thinks that she is still alive. He finds out that she has turned into some horrible creature with spikes and a taste for human blood. Seth, who is studying biology, is fascinated by it and he wonders what it is and how it reanimates. A policewoman shows up and she tells the couple that they are safe. She sees Dennis with them and she tells him to come out with his hands up. They try to warn her about the creatures but it is too late and she is attacked by one.

Seth has a plan to get her radio from outside and call for help, but all that happens is that he pulls the radio with a wire from inside, but he also pulls in a hand with it. The hand is alive and they have to hide in the fridges to get away from it. Seth figures out that it doesn't like the cold so he hatches a plan to make himself as cold as possible so that he can get to the cop car and call for help. Meanwhile, Dennis is infected by a cut he received earlier on from a spike and they have to amputate his arm to get rid of the infection. Seth sneaks out to the car while Dennis and Polly distract it with fireworks, but it is too clever and it heads over to Seth who can't call for help because he has no keys for the car. Dennis distracts it while Seth runs . Polly and Dennis hide in a freezer while the creature wreaks havoc in the gas station.

Meanwhile, the fireworks ignite lighter fluid and the place starts to burn. Seth gets a gun and he rescues Polly and Dennis from the station. Dennis tells them that he will take care of the creature while they go. He shoots at it, but he realises that its too late and he is attacked. He kills the creature, but now he knows that it's only a matter of time before he is going to change into a spiky creature, so he tells Polly and Seth to go and he shoots at a propane tank, killing himself and causing a huge explosion. Seth and Polly head off into the sunset, unaware that there are more infected corpses in the woods, just waiting to change...
Amanda's Verdict:

I liked this film as it was entertaining, fun and full of thrills. There was lots happening and there was plenty of great killing scenes. The creatures themselves were cool and everything was well done. There was a good story and I really enjoyed it. I will give it an 8/10.
Jigsaw's Verdict:

This movie is another one that you hear nothing about but turns out to be quite good! It is not really anything that you haven't seen before but it does everything well.The splinters coming out of the infected body or corpse are genuinely creepy and Jill Wagner(pictured here) is very nice to look at and you will be hoping no splinters go into her lovely body!!!!!!!! Check this movie out if you are a horror fan!!!! This movie deserves 7/10.


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