Monday, February 9, 2009

Toolbox Murders(1978)

This little video nasty is similar to The Driller Killer(which I reviewed here). They are both violent and cheaply- made movies and they were both banned for a period of time. These type of movies were big in the 1970'a but unfortunately they were unavailable to a lot of people due to censorship. At least, we can get to see them now.

This film begins with someone in a car listening to the radio. There is some religious stuff on it and we are treated to a flashback where the driver's daughter was killed. He comes to an apartment complex where a woman is naked and listening to music(like you do!). He comes in and drills her in the arm leaving her bleeding and running through the apartment and locks herself into the bathroom. Of course, that is no problem for this guy as he has his box of tools! He can do any job and he certainly does a job on her once he gets through the door! He kills another topless woman(I see a pattern here) and this time she is hammered(literally!). He is making his way around the complex, unnoticed with a ski mask and a toolbox. One question, does nobody see this lunatic wandering around and does no one hear him murdering women who don't draw their curtains? If I saw him, I think I would know that he ain't normal!

Next is some girl who is touching herself in the bath! These women are very liberated about their bodies! In comes the old toolbox and the killer selects something for his lady. Of course, she just runs around screaming and she doesn't think to OPEN THE DOOR and run. She lies on the bed and waits for him to lose interest in her but she gets nailed(literally!!!!!). What is it about this apartment complex? All sexy women who don't mind exploring their bodies while anybody watches! Two guys,Kent(Wesley Eure) and Joey(Nicolas Beauvy) are messing around and throwing dildo's around. Joey's sister Laurie(Pamelyn Ferdin) has been kidnapped and the cops are investigating. Kent goes around looking for Laurie and he finally discovers that Kingsley(Cameron Mitchell), a motel owner has her and he is trying to use her to replace his own dead daughter. He has her tied to the bed and he talks to her etc.

Kent gets in and he kills Kingsley and sets him on fire. The terror doesn't end there as Kent is a bit of a freak and he tries to rape Laurie. I won't spoil the ending so I will leave it there. I am surprised by the bad rap that this movie has. Compared to the crap that you see in movies today, this isn't that violent or bloody. It is dismissed as nasty or crappy, but sometimes, the b- movies can be more fun that the big budget movies. I liked this movie and I think that it is worth seeing as it is one of those films that paved the way for today's horror. Besides, where can you see such hilarity and such violence in one movie? These films are funny without knowing it and I don't think that you can take them too seriously! I found that this is a great mix of comedy and horror. Watch it if you haven't already! I am going to give this a 7/10. P.s, there is a remake of this directed by Tobe Hooper, but it isn't really as good.


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