Wednesday, February 11, 2009



This 80's movie is a scary movie. I first saw this and I was creeped out by it. It has everything that you need for a good fright- Ouija boards and evil spirits. It isn't very well known but it is a very good spooky film to watch alone!
The story begins with a young woman, Linda(Tawny Kitaen) and her boyfriend, Jim(Todd Allen).They are hosting a party in their apartment. There are many of their friends at the party, including Jim's former friend and Linda's former boyfriend, Brandon(Stephen Nichols). It becomes clear that Jim and Brandon do not get on. Brandon bring out the Ouija board and starts using it to contact a young boy called David with Linda. Jim mocks it and he agitates the spirit while Brandon storms off in a huff.The next day, Linda starts messing with the board and trying to contact David again(not a good idea!). She gets in contact with the spirit who she thinks is David and it is friendly with her and helps her find a lost ring. Of course, when you mess with spirits, you can't be sure what or who you are going to come into contact with and poor Linda finds herself becoming more and more obsessed with the Ouija board(oh-oh!). She begins to swear a lot and she changes personality. Jim and Brandon decide that they need to do something to help her as they think that she is having a few problems. They bring in a psychic, Zarabeth(Kathleen Wilhoite) who is there for comic relief. She is a bit kooky and dresses very strangely(well, it was the 80's!). She ends up skewered on a sun dial after she gets a fright when she tries to contact the spirit.
After that, people being to drop like flies as Linda gets more and more involved with the spirit and there is no end to the blood letting. In the end, the evil spirit enters Linda and then she is a force to be reckoned with! It's up to her admirers to get the evil out of her by whatever means necessary! I think that this film is a good example of a forgotten classic. The acting is pretty bad, but then again, this movie was never going to be nominated for an Oscar! Look past the cheesiness and you will find a decent story and some good scares! I will give this one an 8/10.


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