Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Basket Case(1982)

This movie is a mixture of comedy and horror. It was made on a very small budget, but it has a certain something about it that makes it a b-movie classic.

he movie begins with the murder of a doctor. He is hideously mutilated and we see that his murderer was waiting for him. Then we meet a loner called Duane Bradley(Kevin Van Hentenryck) who comes to the big city from the countryside. He is carrying a basket with him which contains his deformed and monster-like twin called Belial. He is so deformed that nobody could think that it was human. It is super-strong and telepathic. They were joined at birth and their mother died giving birth to them. Their dad was horrified by the sight of them and wants them to be separated. He gets three doctors to perform an operation and hopefully let Duane have a normal life while getting rid of the abomination that is Belial.

The twins both survive the operation and they are hellbent on revenge . They come to New York and get a room at the sleazy Broslin Hotel. There are all sorts of seedy characters staying there and you get a feel of the sleazy streets at night. There are some terrible actors in this movie, but they are all being paid very little, so you can't blame them! Belial and Duane work together to kill the doctors who separated them. Duane brings in the basket and he lets Belial do the rest. He feeds Belial hamburgers from the take away to keep his hunger at bay. The two of them are doing fine, living with each other until something happens that threatens their close relationship... Duane meets a woman at the doctors office. Her name is Sharon (Terri Susan Smith) and she likes Duane from the beginning. She offers to show him around New York and he agrees. They make a date to meet. The next day, Duane and Sharon meet and the thing in the basket goes mental and wrecks the hotel room. Everyone in the hotel wonders what is going on and the manager lets himself in to see what is going on. Some guy robs some of Duane's money, but he doesn't get far. Belial takes care of business and the thief is no more. The cops come to the hotel and poke around, but there is no evidence.

Duane goes out to get drunk that night and he meets a lady and tells her everything about the monster in the basket. It is only a matter of time before the lady is going to get herself in trouble with the freak in the basket and with Duane and Belial falling out over Sharon, there is going to be a very bad ending to this story.... This film is a low-budget classic with some great scenes. The thing in the basket is probably the best actor in this movie, but hey, it's good fun and entertaining. That is all you want at the end of the day. I will give this one a 7/10.


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