Monday, March 30, 2009

Flu Bird Horror(2008)

This movie is a Sci fi Channel release. It was released last year. It is directed by Leigh Scott who is also directing the remake of the horror classic The Dunwich Horror. The story begins with two guys hunting in the woods. They are in the woods when something passes them by and they wonder what it is. It turns out to be a gigantic bird and it attacks them, killing one and biting the other one. We cut to a large guy walking blindfolded through the woods. He is calling out for his friends but they aren't there. He also gets attacked by something that bites him in the stomach. We discover that he is one of a few kids who are in the woods with a counsellor to serve time instead of going to juvenile institution. They all have attitudes and they are all equally irritating. The large guy comes out of the woods with blood spilling from his mouth and his stomach. The others have no idea what to do. Suddenly, mutant birds come swooping from the skies and they attack the youngsters who hide. They are terrified by these terrible creatures and they do not know what the hell they are. The bird attack and kill the counsellor who is in charge of them. They have to find shelter in a fort or something and they try and figure out what to do. The large guy is made into bait while they escape to somewhere else. They found a radio and they got through to a park ranger and a doctor who rescue them from the dangerous birds.Unfortunately, the birds follow all of them and try to attack them in their car which crashes and turns over. They have to lure the birds into the fort which is full of dynamite and one of them blows the whole lot up, killing the birds. That is the end of the film. This movie is very funny. It was silly, really. The birds are silly, the actors are silly, but it is good for a laugh. Watch it and I guarantee, you will have to giggle at it..I am giving it a 3/10.


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