Monday, March 2, 2009

Friday the 13th Part 2(1981)

This is the second Friday the 13th film in the series. There are plenty more and I will review them all in time. This one is a decent sequel and I thought that it was an entertaining horror movie. It is directed by Steve Miner who also directed the third Friday the 13th film and the films House(1986) and Warlock(1989).

The survivor from the first movie, Alice(Adrienne King), is in her apartment when someone breaks in and murders her a few months after her ordeal. The movie moves to five years later when a group of kids are coming to Crystal Lake to attend a counsellor training camp. The original camp is being condemned. The kids are told not to go near it. Two of the counsellors are in town and they see the crazy guy Ralph who warns them not to go near the camp. They think that he is nuts and they continue on their way. They all make it to the camp where the camp leader, Paul(John Furey) tells them about Jason and what happened. He tells them that Jason is dead and that is that.

Paul and his girlfriend, Ginny(Amy Steel) are kissing as crazy Ralph watches them. All of a sudden, Ralph is killed. After this episode, we find out that Jason is alive and well and that he has come back to kill all of those who tread on his territory! A cop sees a masked man running around the place and chases him but ends up dead. Some of the kids decide to go into town, leaving the rest back at the camp. Of course, this is going to make it easier for Jason to pick them off one by one. Everyone begins to die as Jason goes on a killing rampage! Ginny and Paul return to the camp and find that everyone is dead. They are startled to find nobody alive. Paul is attacked by the killer and Ginny runs away in terror. The killer is wearing a sack on his head and he is hellbent on murdering anyone he sees!

Of course, Ginny finds Jason's shack in the wood(it is quite homely really!) and enters for a good look around! Jason has been a devoted son and he has his mommy's severed head on a makeshift altar(awww!) and he even has her jumper too! Ginny is horrified to see this and she realises that the killer is Jason and she dresses up as Mrs Voorhees to trick Jason into thinking that she is his mommy. It works for about a minute and then Jason realises. Paul arrives just in time and he attacks Jason. They escape and run back to their cabin, thinking Jason is dead(Oh you just KNOW that he isn't dead!)
Jason jumps through the window and grabs Ginny. She wakes up in an ambulance and asks where Paul is.....

This is a good sequel with some great killings. Jason is in fine form as the killer and he just keeps slicing and dicing people with no exceptions! A great 80's horror! I will give this 8/10.


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