Friday, March 6, 2009

Hells Kitchen Season 5 , Episode 5 Recap

Well, this week was fun-filled and full of surprises! There was plenty of bitching and back-stabbing and as always, everyone was turning on Lacey who seems to be a scapegoat for everyone else. I don't like her, but I still think that is is very hard when nobody likes you and let's you know that they despise you. That is very unfair. Last week saw Seth kicked off and Lacey put onto the men's team so now, she has a whole set of new enemies.

This week began with the women's team rejoicing that Lacey has gone. They are such a pack of cows! I mean, targeting someone like that is just plain mean. I don't think that any of the women are very good either. As for the men, Danny seems quite good and maybe Robert, but I am not really sure. Anyway, the cooks are taken to an Asian supermarket and told to pick up the ingredients for a meal that they are going to cook. So, they all run around grabbing things. The men's team are first at the checkout with their goods. Each person has to team up with someone else and make a meal. So, they all make meals and the girls team wins.
The girls are treated to some sumo wrestling while the guys team have to fold paper with Lacey. She surprises them by showing them all how to do it and they are impressed with her briefly.

They all get ready for service and Lacey is doing really well in the kitchen. She is really pulling her weight. Robert gets upset with Chef Ramsay because he calls him Bobby which he hates. They chat about it and they come to an understanding. Andrea hides burnt food, hoping that Chef Ramsay will not see it which is very devious. I don't like her at all as I think that she is too loud and obnoxious. Needless to say, Chef Ramsay finds it and is disgusted with her for her deviousness. J is having a bad night too. Everything he does is falling apart and Chef Ramsay sees him and is very annoyed. Colleen is berated for leaving the oven door open. Eventually Chef closes the kitchen as neither team are doing very well. Each team has to nominate one person. The guys nominate J and the girls nominate Andrea. Chef changes the nominees and he chooses Colleen to go. He just doesn't feel that she has what it takes and he tells her that she is a strong person, just not a chef.

So, that is great! One less fool in Hell's Kitchen. Who will it be next time? Will Lacey's luck run out? Will J have another bad night? You will have to wait and see!


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