Monday, March 23, 2009

Hells Kitchen, Season 5, Episode 7, Recap

This week was thrilling in the kitchen. There were some real surprises in store for us. I wondered if Andrea and Carol were going to come to blows in the kitchen. I wondered if Robert was going to kill Lacey with the help of his team-mates. I wondered if Chef Ramsay was finally going to explode and kick the whole lot of them off! Last week, Coi went and that was a good decision so on to this week's installment of Hell's Kitchen....

We begin with a challenge, as always between the boys and girls.Giovanni was moved to the ladies team.The chef told them to come up with tapas and they set about coming up with ideas. The guys were successful, but the girls and guy came out on top and they were treated to a day of horse racing while the others had to prep everything for the two kitchens. They moaned and groaned and as usual, Lacey was given the brunt of their anger. I do not like her much, but I am seeing that she is being bullied by the guys. She can be a bit much, but hey, none of them are doing so well, either.Lacey threatens to leave as the guys heap the pressure on her. You just know that the guys will use that to screw her up later. The ladies enjoy their day out and return to the kitchen to see the guys teams working up a sweat.

That night, the service begins and the rice has turned to mush. J is the one who cooked it and he gets an earful from Chef Ramsay. Meanwhile, Carol gets in trouble for serving raw pasta and she and Andrea have to eat it before they can come back in the kitchen. Carol is annoyed because Andrea said nothing while she was getting yelled at. Jay gets in trouble again and Chef Ramsay takes him in the back and tells him that he isn't cooking well at all . J tries to bluff his way out of it. L.A. is getting in strife when she forgets her sauce as she is dreaming.
J is thrown out of the kitchen by Chef Ramsay and he goes home. Chef Ramsay thinks that he was not good enough and that he deserved to go home. He was right in his decision. J was messing up time and time again and he was given chance after chance.

Ben begins to falter in the kitchen and he is letting himself down again.He talks himself up, but I really don't think that he is as good as he thinks. The men's team loses and they choose one person to go. Who is it? Surprise, surprise, it's Lacey. Robert rants about how bad she is and the others back him up. What a screw job! Chef Ramsay picks out Ben too as he was terrible. He sends nobody home as J is gone and he tells them to go.... This weeks episode was exciting and the right man got kicked out....


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