Friday, March 27, 2009

The Keep(1983)

This movie is not well-known, but it is creepy and atmospheric. It is directed by Michael Mann, who directed Miami Vice and Manhunter. It is based on a novel by the same name written by F.Paul Wilson, who didn't exactly love the movie. It stars Jurgen Prochnow(Das Boot), Gabriel Byrne, Ian McKellan and Scott Glenn. In WW2, the Germans have a 'keep' in Romania and they unwittingly release an evil spirit called Molasar who resides deep within the keep. It is disturbed by a couple of German soldiers and it saps their life force. The soldiers think that the people in the village have something to do with the sudden deaths of their troop and they call in more soldiers to deal with it. It makes no difference and the spirit continues to kill and take the life from more of the troops. The villagers are all scared of the keep as they think that it is haunted. A mysterious stranger Glaeken (Scott Glenn), arrives in the village and he seems to know about the keep. He also knows how to destroy to evil force that resides inside the daunting keep.The local priest tells the Germans that they need a Jewish history professor ,Professor Cuza (McKellan) to help them to decipher some message which is written on the walls of the keep. The professor is taken from a death camp and brought to the keep, along with his daughter,Eva Cuza(Alberta Watson). The demon saves Eva from a sexual assault from a German solider and then asks her father to help him to escape from the keep. Professor Cuza is cured from his illness by the demon and he decides to help it. Meanwhile, Glaeken arrives at the keep to battle with the demon, despite the efforts of the professor to stop him. He confronts the demon and they do battle. The demon is successfully hurt and forced further back into the keep. But, Glaeken finds himself dragged into the keep also and he has no choice but to follow the demon to his doom.... I read that some people were not happy with the movie as they felt that it was not loyal to the novel. I wouldn't know because I have not read the book. I liked this movie. Maybe the ending was a little rushed, but overall, it was a good creepy horror. There are some great scenes and I will give it an 8/10.


dragonmanes said...

Great find, if this flick would get a decent DVD release Im sure it would become much more popular, but for the time revel in the fact that you are part of the horror elite for having seen it =D

The Igloo Keeper... said...

I haven't seen this yet. Didnt realise it had such an impressive cast. i need to get this. Now!

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