Thursday, March 5, 2009

Last House on Dead End Street(1977)

This movie is not for everyone. That is a warning. If you don't like exploitation/gore movies, then this won't be for you. I saw this a while ago and I am still not sure if I liked it or hated it. It was directed by a guy called Roger Watkins who played the lead role of Terry in this movie. He didn't admit to directing it until years after its release and I can see why.

There really isn't much to this movie. The budget was supposedly around $800 and the director was rumoured to be high whilst making it, which I can believe. This movie is nightmarish and realistic to the degree that it is hard to believe that it is only a movie. The movie revolves around a guy called Terry(Watkins) who is released from prison after serving a year. He is bitter and angry and he wants to do something bad. Well, his mind is twisted and he starts planning to make a snuff movie. I think that you can see where this is going. He goes around gathering people for his movie. He has ideas for what he wants to do. He gets two girls to be his sidekicks and he gives them masks to wear. He wears a massive mask-thing on his head and his first victim is a blind man. He strangles him and it is filmed. The girls seem unconcerned about the man's death and they just walk away from it.

Well, Terry goes around to some film-maker's house and sleeps with his wife. Then, he asks a few people he knows to come to a warehouse to help him with his movie. Little do they know that they are going to be the star attraction. This is where the movie gets bloody. Each of the victims are murdered in various ways for Terry's movie. There is no holding back as the group of film makers dispose of these victims. They do so without any feeling or remorse. Terry seems to have lost the plot and he is just on a killing spree. One poor woman is subjected to horrible torture. Just when you think that it can't get any worse, it does. This movie is made on a shoestring budget and the acting is appalling, but it is an underground movie so I guess that it goes with the territory. As I already said, I am divided about this movie. If pressed, I would have to say that I didn't like it much and I don't really know why. Maybe it is just the characters or maybe it just didn't entertain. Make up your own mind and see it if you dare....I am giving it a 4/10.


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